AAA News: FEPO – First woman ever to own a studio in Malawi [Malawi]

flavBy Mpho Musowa

Art is about passion, expression and that goes beyond gender. One woman’s passion for art has made her become the first ever woman to have a studio in Malawi. Meet Fellina Sakhala aka FEPO. Driven by her desire for music she decided to open FEPO Studios.

fepoWhat is arguably one of the biggest push for unknown artists if anything is to come by. From the onset they have already showcased how truly unknown artists have a chance at music as a career after signing 2 Mzuzu based dancehall artists; Flava and Virus.

I have been in love with music all my life basically. When I grew a bit old we bought band equipment and had some boys form a band. During this time, I was exposed to a lot of raw talent from youngsters who could barely get enough money to record even a single song, this was in 2010 in Dwangwa”

“An interest grew in me from then to try and change or rather erase a barrier hindering the unrecognized artists from getting out there and getting their talents exposed”

“I am music lover, I have also seen how hard it is how hard it is for upcoming artists to get there talents recognized. I wanted to help. What better way to fuse the 2 passions than to get a studio?” Fepo Studio will be recording, promoting and marketing artists.

She is quick to emphasize that Fepo Studio is for everybody. Known and unknown, gospel and secular. Established artists are easy to identify so FEPO will be slightly different for unknown artists as they still have to prove they have have what it takes to give the public music beyond their expectations with auditions to be conducted and the winner/winners will be signed.

“I will put a lot of effort in scouting for new talent and nourish it until it shines through. Besides auditioning, I will look out for music all over. Just like I came across a talented duo from Mzuzu after I downloaded a song from the website, a tribute to the late Grace Chinga. Great artists these 2, I had to find them and I did. I will sign them first”

FEPO is also working on a campaign to be launched together with the studio end of next month about fighting for local music to dominate our media houses and all public and private events.

“The more artists are exposed like on radio, TV, the more they will be known by the public, enough to want to attend their shows and buy their music.” 

Team Fepo has artists’ support.

We are a closed group family, a team where a famous artist and an artist that’s unknown are in one place and at the same level. Among these include Sir Paul Banda, Symon Kamlaka, Thoko Suya, Princess Chitsulo, Lackson Chazima, Rod Valamanja, Vita Chirwa, Wycliffe Chimwendo. Also part of team Fepo with massive support is Roy View Banda, Levison Masamba, Andy Seko, Gift Chiwale, Gift Mlenga Phiri aka General, Danny Kalima, Nesnes and Mac Chibwe.


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