AAA Delivery: Grands vs Shukid [Kenya]

37Guess who has been played? 

So I had a planned review for Kevin Grands‘ latest Wish single, one that has been forthcoming for a fortnight now. But every passing minute, it was getting clearer to me that the review was not going to materialize as the writer tasked with it had a bit on his hands. Being the smart people we are, we consoled ourselves to wait for its’ video then kill two birds with one stone. But who even has the time to patiently aim a single stone at two birds when Joe Budden has three in his arms all aiming for a teen?

Yet you know your ancestors paid their respects and forgo greed to pour libations when things work just your way!

shukAnd wishes, apparently still do come true. So Shukid, who is Kevin’s label mate decides to drop a video on this chili Nairobi Monday, right when I was putting pen to paper (or rather hands to keyboard), crafting the article for Wish. Hurray! No offence Kevin, but the gods had planned all these, can’t you see?

shuDay One, a Trap Kid production, sees Shukid explore a more commercially viable sound, accompanied with the simplest yet artistic visual to match. Not sure who has been advising the ID37 camp, but they need to keep him, her or them on retainers. The kids have potentially hacked the hits formula if their recent couple of releases is something to go by. The braggadocio lyrics sums up Shukid’s real feelings and focus all in simple wordplay and rhymes. The vocals are clearly audible. And that is why we need a sit-down with King Shu – to confirm if and only if we were ever there. Lol.

Worth noting is Kenyan artists are constantly shedding off the baggage that demands for a more Kenyan sound, instead choosing to cast their nets into the International seas and oceans. 

Tell me the simplicity of this video doesn’t just vellicate you? I’m tingled, personally. There is something about it that shouts Free! And art, in it’s pure from, ought to be just that – FREE. 

gnxExit day ones, enters your wish.

Wish, on the other hand is a very easy listen jam (heavily favored towards the female gender with the male being the dedicators) and has one of the best artworks ever seen on a single. This is not up for debate, sadly. So I had this enigmatic idea of reviewing the Wish single where I was writing prophetically, complete with scriptures, quotes and shit. Saying how everyone deserves to have a wish and more so when it comes to relationships. Of how I had predicted Kevin Grands to be the ultimate ID37 point-man and was scared of voicing my humble opinion, for the lucid reason of, hurting feelings. Look at God. Out of the Monday blues, things just fall into place and now we can’t avoid this conversation.

wishKevin is a great narrator, that much we must admit and his storytelling skills are what laces his music, making them quite memorable. Unfortunately, I have been looking for THAT memorable bar in this single for a minute now.

Other than just killing two birds with one stone, we have summoned the magical powers of Kit Mikaye and got both eagles together, for you to pick and choose. Eagles because birds are too feminine. Below is Grand’s new single as well, now ladies and gangstars, go ahead and tell us your favorite.

Remember, you can always pick both, either because you truly love them both or cause you appreciate world peace and we are constantly reminded to be mindful of our friend’s feelings. But this is Hip Hop and feelings are left at the door. Go ahead, have fun! 

Who wins? Your Wish or Day Ones?

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