AAA Delivery: #MPLPO – Zeekapten [Haiti]


Mwen Plen Lanmou Pou Ou means I have a lot of love for you and we certainly have a lot of love for Haitian newcomer, Zeekapten. A lot of love. When you keep guys waiting on a video for close to a year, you either forgo the whole thing or make up for that time in a major way – give them a killer video. Zeekapten went for the latter. All sins forgiven brother. 

We first brought you this Canadian-based Haitian rapper last year when he released the audio to Mwen Plen Lanmou Pou Ou, the song with the longest name, so far. We loved the music and shear fact that he had brought, not only himself but two other African brothers from Cameroon. What’s not to love about talented black males who champion for unity? The hook stills the crown on this one. Allow me to add that it snatched the crown from the instrumentals which had been on the winning race for the entire time. But we have to give it the melody and harmony on the songs’ chorus. We are certainly looking forward to such kind of great Hip hop music from the three brothers. And ooh, we might just surprise you with a feature on Hopiho. Keep your eyes peeled. 

For a full write up to this single, you will have to refer to this earlier article here. As of now, we can do as commanded, play it LOUD. 

MadMen Records: Facebook| Twitter

Zeekapten: Facebook


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