AAA News: All Things Wedding at Samantha’s Bridal Expo


By @nancieyndunge

I love weddings….I am literally a wedding junkie.  I am one of those people who you will find glued to “my dream wedding “show every Wednesday. Those are the times I end up fantasizing of how mine is going to be… then it hits me I love weddings but the stress of planning for it leaves me all nervous.

So I happened to be going through my Instagram…flooding people’s timelines and being the certified stalker that I am, God knows I have tried changing my ways but like they say..Old habits die hard. This time it actually paid off. Guess where I landed? I ended up on a post on the Samantha’s bridal expo. What made it more exciting is what I saw on top of the poster.

     “Sema Milele”

I know the same thought that I had crossed your mind when you read it right? This got me so excited that I went and checked everything to do with this Samantha’s bridal expo thing. Well I was in too deep there is no way I was going to miss out on this one. Ladies, brides to be and future potential brides like me, say three to four years to come….i hope you all said an Amen to that…this is a must attend.

The Samantha’s bridal wedding expo 2016 will be going down at the Sarit centre on the 29th– 31st of July from 9 am to 6:30 p.m.

Oooh I heard that they will be closing Waiyaki way former roundabout near Naivas and have a police band matching from there to Sarit. There is o way am missing that.

I can already picture myself at the Sarit centre by 8am due to the excitement ready with my platinum vip ticket worth Ksh 2500. . Blame my boyfriend for infecting me with the “ jang’o  pesa otas”  syndrome. Well there are regular tickets going for Ksh. 650 but I could not imagine myself missing all those benefits that included: Fast track entry

  • Reserved front row seat chair at fashion shows
  • Beauty goodie bag from Haco Tiger worth Ksh 4000
  • Bottle of wine from Jos’ Hansen
  • Hair products from Darling
  • Access to vip lounge area
  • Enjoy live entertainment and rub shoulders with the elite fashionistas and glamorous celebrities.

All that for only Ksh 2500…no way I was letting that chance slip. What got me more excited was this. Buying your ticket for the Samantha’s’s bridal expo gives you a chance to win an all expense paid honeymoon worth one million shillings to the historic nation of Israel..How cool is that? Remind me again why I do not have a rock on my finger yet?

So what is this Samantha’s bridal expo all about though?

    “You have found it all in one person. Now find it all in one place”

That is what it’s all about.  It will include over 100 exhibitors to showcase various wedding products and services, honeymoon planning services, wedding accessories and jewelries, wedding essentials and all products associated with weddings and most importantly…the dream gown. All these under one roof. I can imagine all these preety ladies cat walking in those beautiful gowns and am there in awe. I am definitely looking forward to be blown away by the wedding gown and ofcourse the cake. I have had a picture of how my gown will look like you know the cindarella like that makes you feel like the Queen you are.

The icing on the cake?

Will you say MILELE?

2Yes.. Kenya’s own King Wa Mapenzi Gilad Millo will be the ambassador of the Samantha’s bridal fair. You know what that means. Make an appointment to sing along to “Sema Milele” which will definitely be one of the highlights of this event. As if that is not enough, ticket holders will also automatically enter a competition with this year’s first prize- Gilad singing “Sema Milele” at the winner’s wedding of choice.

I don’t want to be a spoiler by letting everything out of the box so I will leave it here.

See you all there.



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