AAA Delivery: #MudiwaWangu – Schingy [Zimbabwe]


Warning, this post may not make sense as the editor working on it was involuntarily high midway. The poor soul had no idea that highness is contagious. Read on. 

By the time you will get this post floating around your timelines (or email notifications for the wonderful souls who have subscribed), I will be somewhere in Inyangani, having miraculously fought the border security and gained access to Zimbabwe. Why Inyangani? Because I am that high after watching just a snippet of this video. Curiosity killed a cat, but it made Holly acutely high. Somehow, I blame Tehn for this (or should I be thankful?) as I followed the link from his timeline.


They call it Mbanje.

In some parts of the world, the not yet woke zones, the almighty Sensimilla is not yet legalized. But why? Can a young African man just smoke his J in peace, yes? Yes! There is some sort of inner peace that comes from burning a J. Don’t take my word for it, I’m just quoting a wise man from the West. Another great mind once said there is peace and unity whenever Maryjane is involved. I couldn’t agree more. We are already united in solidarity with Schingy and I totally love this brother whose name I’m still struggling to pronounce. 

Mudiwa wangu mbanje.

Can someone translate that, kindly? 

Art is supposed to grant you the freedom to express yourself in entirety. We all have demons inside. And that is exactly what Schingy opted for with his new release – Mudiwa Wangu. I must admit the guy has great camera presence and energy. If you decide to go for it, go all out. My first time being exposed to Tem Bhoo’s music via Schingy and before you even get a split second to deliberate whether ganja is legal down-south, you’re in too high to give conscious a thought. Others will say we are crusading for negativity among the youths, please carry on.

You see a young black man, high as a kite, we see ART.  

1Art is supposed to grant you the freedom to express yourself in entirety. We all have demons inside.

This is that kind of music you play in the car while whizzing one roll (or two, or three. Okay, just make it four), riding around the hood. I promise should a corp stop you, he will have no option but join in your highness. Suffice is to say, this is one song I’ll be constantly bumping LOUD whenever, wherever. Content of the song asaide, this is one artist we certainly wanna hear more from. The video is simple and artistic. Nothing flashy. Just a regular guy next door who happens to cherish a fat blunt. Who would envy such a neighbour? Hey Schingy, are their vacant houses near where you reside? I could do with a change in neighbours. 

You have watched all sorts of videos about weed, but you haven’t felt Mudiwa Wangu! I say felt because this is not just for the eyes, the nose and brains too get a dosage. It’s time to access new altitude fam, you might need gas-mask if chocking is not your ideal means of relaxation.

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