AAA Delivery: #Dhamiri – PG18 [Tanzania]


I played this record last night when getting to bed and that was not the wisest thing I have done in a minute. And trust I do some dumb ass shit every second, on a regular. “Hun, who is that?” My lady asked, eyes glowing with admiration. Now, other than attempting to snatch a street kids’ glue, there are things that can get you killed in an instant, like making a nigga’s lady glow with admiration whilst listening to your music. Especially if she has already switched to her peignoir.

Don’t ever try that shit again, George. Not even you, Pablo. 

There are things that heedlessly gets you ears, both ears. Things that lets you never obtest for any attention. Things that make old folks sit up on their chaise and listen, despite a laid down rule of never attending to any email past 10 in the night. Things that make men break laws prohibiting the use of a mobile phone in bed. Things that get you forgiven for making another nigga’s lady sprung. A lady who is the biggest critic of rap and anything music. These things are divine. This thing is exemplary music. 

Always do that shit, Gavin. Yes it’s very allowed,

When they say Africa is the future, folks still amber around here with heads in their armpits, wondering what future? I don’t blame anyone, not even you. How could you understand when art is not your lifestyle? 

Enters PG18.

On our first interaction with GeorgeXGavin, he was narrating a Sunday Morning interlude for the boy Simba on that Masaki theory. Talking about vague memories of a night spent with a damsel, as they both lay naked on a bed, finding himself in her orgasm. Eventhough it was laced with seaxual innuendos, God couldn’t help but marvel at the vivid storytelling ability of the young Tanzanian artist. On our first interaction with the self confessed lyrical lover alias FreshLikeUhhh, he was talking about… nvm. Well, there’s is always a first time for everything, no? And this will be the first time we have Pablo aka FreshLikeUhhh on All around Africa alongside his partner in rhyme, Gavin and what an introduction!p

PG18 is a NBF collective made up of the two obviously talented artists from Tanzania, East Africa: George Gavin and FreshLikeUhhh. Every generation has their aspirations and inspirations, idols and role models. I’d imagine we are witnessing a new generation who were brought up not just thinking outside the box, but embracing the lack of any box in the first place. These are new crop of artists paving their own path. Only following their arts desires. Art should be authentically free, devoid of barriers and restrictions, rules and regulations. A fact clearly exhibited on Dhahiri, the new PG18 release.


Artwork by Lindelani

“Dhamiri is swahili for “intent” and the song speaks on both artist’s intentions for the women they are pursuing and the deeper intentions of the women too. The song features production from Nairobi production duo P+A and additional vocals for Tanzania’s own AVID. ”

The production in this record is stellar, and that is, for lack of a better adjective. Which begs the question, who are P+A, to start with? Aptly christened the New Bongo Flava, this sound can easily transcend any international boundary and find home whenever it sneaks itself in. The first question that pops up upon playing the music is, “who are those guys?” And you can best guarantee the follow up one is whether they are Africans 😂😂😂😂 If this is the new East African wave, then yes please, keep them coming like that orgasm George repeatedly talks about. We are ready. Even more ready for that self titled debut PG18 ep!

Bet even the pioneers of Bongo Flava never visioned it going this far. 

Pardon our ignorance, but where the heaven has A.V.I.D. been?! Let’s play. 

FreshLikeUhhh : Twitter | Instagram

GeorgexGavin : Twitter | Instagram 


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