AAA Cover Story: Best of Five Steez [Jamaica]

Continuing on our week-long feature on Jamaican Hip Hop pioneer, we wanna have a run through on the Kingston MCs catalog just to highlight a few gems that have highlighted hi over ten years career. Introduced to us via the ‘I Am’ collaboration, Five easily stole our hearts with his verse which was authentically vulnerable, bearing his soul and wearing it on his sleeves. His music is all about the experiences of growing up and living in Kingston. Coming from Uptown Kingston and attending school in the downtown, Five must have experienced the two different worlds and this is easily seen in his lyrical content. Generally, one would be tempted to expect an uptown dude to talk about nothing but drinking, popping mollies, cuffing hoes – getting wasted. We have seen these one too many a times, when you give the wrong guy a platform.  Not Five Steez!

People say who dat a rhyme, is a yard dude dat? Him sound hard, true dat! 

The fact that they did this video in black and white, using shots of the neighborhood and nothing fancy makes is a favorite. Nothing looks and feels originally surreal like a simple visuals that simply captures the real people going about their daily grind. No ‘pause, smile for the camera’ moments.

Every time we step on this, call us specialists, because we never miss. 

This jam sees two lyrical masters going toe to toe! Who new lightskin niggas could actually rap?! Nomad Carlos just redeemed everything for all the lightskin brothers out here lol. Good stuff, happy to have chanced on this one. There should be a Five Steez + Nomad Carlos mixtape or Album! That will be the closest thing to the Few Kings project. I live for such exhibition of talent.

Every innocent youth dead, two cops is missing

Off War for Peace, this two-versed record with Emmanuel’s Detenedla Ya sample sees Steez act as the societies mouthpiece, addressing a number of ills affecting the world today. That is why Steez is not your average rapper. Plus, when was the last time you had a decent record questioning government and societal wrongs? I’ll wait, this KK is wavey though.

I found my freedom and I’m only trying to free you.

One of those thought-provoking tracks. Steez return again with Carlos. Makes me think that duet mixtape is gonna see the light soon, no?


I don’t believe in hell, so there’s no way I can burn… 

Nomad Carlos makes a point once again that these guest appearances are not by chance, he earns them.

You fortunate, if you born with it,cause I know people that work hard for this, just to pay student loans, or the rent or the mortgage for the newest home. 

This should be that ringtone and callback tone for every nigga hustling and all folks who are employed. This will make you reevaluate your life choices and most importantly, it will challenge you to make that move, take that step and get off the comfort zone. No one was born to slave his life away. We are all born to be great.

This music should be the push you ever wanted to go out there and chase your dreams.

I load up sixteens and I shoot it on the record, general mind state, my movement is protected.  

Steez decides to take us on a tour of his Yard with Welcome. Reminding us that Jamaica is the land of legends like Bob with a big ass wallpaper of The Wailers on his room. Other than showcasing Kingston’s excitingly unique street culture, the video shows success stories like Bolt on the track,

Which one did you like the most?

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