AAA Cover Story: Five Steez Breaks Down Heatrockz EP [Jamaica]

13There is an unofficial saying that people involved in the entertainment dealings never  really sleep, they just blink their eyes a few times randomly and wake up, dust their coats and continue with their chores. Which includes merrymaking, or making people get merry, in some cases. Actually, in most cases. As an artist, you are either partying, or the life of the party, at least for the club hoppers. We did somehow apply this night-owl approach with five Steez last night and quite a lot of wok was done. Best believe! In a true Kanye style, we engaged The Council’s member on a midnight discussion that resulted to this short interview aimed at shading light on HeatRockz, a collaborating project he embarked on alongside Mordecai the producer. 

How long have you known Mordecai?

Since April 2012. I met him at the very first Pay Attention. Me and Nomad Carlos were sitting on the curb outside in the parking lot and Mordecai and his friend Curt Javon arrived in a cab. They were literally our first patrons. They introduced themselves as fans and we began reasoning. I found out Mordecai made beats later and we eventually recorded Kingston Invasion. Being a part of the First Coast, we would always interact and over time he suggested a project. So we started building from there.So I met him as a fan and now we’re actually partners on a couple projects now. HeatRockz being the one people getting now.

Before HeatRockz, had you two worked on another project beyond Kingston Invasion?

Just that track really. It was on his first beat tape and we basically jacked it and did a song. He sent me some other beats that I began working on songs for but those were never completed. That was still early on. It was about two years ago he first suggested a project and then months after he came to the studio with over a 100 beats to choose from.

How easy was it choosing the final beats and did anyone help you in picking? 

It took me months to narrow them down. I chose for myself but the reactions from people around the studio let me know which ones were golden or how I could approach them.

14What inspired the whole HeatRockz project?

HeatRockz is my first original project without the usual commentary and introspection. I found two distinct vibes in the beats I was selecting. Some were very soulful. Others were energetic and felt like bangers. So I decided to do two projects. HeatRockz being the one to warm people up. Free singles over the summer as I gear up for the next EP which will be around 8/9 songs. More of a project with a theme like WFP and KGNTimes. The next EP will have a lot of personal stuff. My most personal work yet.

Is Mord still producing the next EP?

Yeah. We’re almost done. Just a few more songs to record to round it up and finish it off now.

Why do you think Mordecai preferred working with you?

Cause I’m dope lol. My professional approach

Well, I’ll take that! What’s the general working formula between you and Mord?

He just supplies me with options and when I find ideas and lyrics, I run them by him. He usually approves. He just lets me do me and assures me when I’m on the right track. He holds me accountable too lol we both ensure we get the best we can get.

How do y’all handle any differences while working, if any do arise at all? 

We talk about things. And we’re both level headed responsible dudes so even if something falls short for whatever reason, we make up for it and move on with a lesson. We both learning in the process as well

How many tracks are supposed to be on this HeatRockz?

Its 5 singles packaged as an EP. Or an EP with all songs released as singles. One more to go, Gods Collide coming in the next two weeks. Scotty aka Jome Anderson did all visuals and artwork, including the Dirty Couch video to come.

What can you say about Dirty Couch? 

“The song is sort of an ode to the studio, how we hang out there and how I roll really. I’ve sat in that couch listening to beats or just chilling and blazing on countless days and nights. So that explains the reference. I also feel that hallway outside our studio has so much significance to local Hip Hop and in a way symbolizes its grimyness. So taking it there felt right over that beat”

The roots of my thoughts blacker than Tarik Trotter. 

How about Encore, what was the whole vibe to it?

“Its inspired by Pay Attention. That January 2014 staging at which I performed. It was one of our best stagings. And I was pleased to hear the crowd singing along with many of the songs from WFP. I didn’t realize people knew the words like that. It was incredible. It was the first I experienced that. No fav line on this really”

And Mic To The Check?

“Mic to the Check was the first track I did. Not much to say about it. I recorded myself within an hour and half, I guess. Mordecai helped out with the other sessions. Lol I feel like people are so unfamiliar with Jamaican Hip Hop that if you mentioned it, they may think of dancehall. So I just wanted to clarify that lol.”

Finally, True School. What’s the story on this one? 

“Mordecai didn’t want me to do a third verse lol smh. The previous songs all have 2 verses. I loved the beat and wanted to go in. It feels like sumn I could hear Drake or French Montana on lol so I just wanted to do me and represent lyrically.”

I wouldn’t let them round the mic / I spit a few punches and the crowd is hype

And yes, Steez sees fly women in them jeeps daily! LOL

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