AAA Delivery: Beats And Rhymes – McSkill ThaPreacha [#Nigeria]

3Do you know how a Monday delivery works? Short.

I mean, nobody has the energy to keep their eyelids open for long as the brain reacts to the blue colour, making the eyes sleepy or swollen. This is science (and other short stories that rarely bother to make sense). Anyway, McSkill just hit us up and if I remember the number of amazingly talented cats we have engaged with courtesy of ThePreachas’ introduction, then we come to the realization that we ought to celebrate the Nigerian MC even more. If I could get Asu, puff puff and some jolof, I’d gladly summon the brother over for some thanksgiving party. I just need a paper and the money I sent for exchange in Zimbabwean dollars, to complete that unmistakable flamboyance, then we gon make it rain all day and night fam. 

But ThaPreacha does make some wonderful music, away from the party shenanigans. He is one MC I look forward to their release. Never a joker on the Mic. Plus come on, you can’t possibly have Skill and Mc on your name, unless you have some.1

Nigerian rapper “MCskill ThaPreacha” releases visuals to the Stormatique produced “Beats And Rhymes [Episode 1]” which has topped charts and received massive airplay both home and abroad. 

Beats And Rhymes is an Hip Hop series put together by Nigerian Rapper “MCskill ThaPreacha”. The first season will see the rapper release new songs and videos at scheduled times pending the time he wraps up features on his “Diary Of A Supernatural” album which is still expected for release this year.

Asides setting up this platform as a promotional tool for himself and the “Supernat” brand, Beats And Rhymes is also an opportunity to promote unheard voices in the game.

Beats And Rhymes; which will be hosted in its entirety by seasoned producer “Stormatique” kicked off on April 18th 2016.

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