AAA Delivery: #Believe – Foresta [Germany]

Believe Musicvideo Screen03Märchenstunde!

Once in a while, we receive mails from places we never thought of. Places so far away even a Trending topic might get there after hours. I mean, places so far and wide Facebook and Instagram might not get you akin. Even Nokia won’t help connecting you. What happened to Nokia by the way? As we wait, I’ll tell you about a new bunch of artists we’ve been acquainted with. 

When Foresta mailed us the press kit to his latest work, a quick click to the YouTube link revealed an interesting creative piece of art. So stirring that we had to research further on the starring acts.

a2The song had a strong Jamaican semblance, the new school type spearheaded by the ilk of Kabaka and Protoje. It was just after our immediate week-long feature on Five Steez, a Kingston MC. Fair enough, must be the ripple effect – we concluded. A further legwork however, redirected us to Germany! This was gonna be fascinating. We have covered some thrilling music from around the world, but never from the Oktoberfest-famed-country. Least of all, an introduction to Germany would never predictably been via Kingston. Yes, we have seen some Summerfest visuals and thus know how Germans enjoy some great Reggae and a spliff but still… Believe. 

Now more than ever, producers are getting actively involved in not just working behind the scenes, but presenting a whole body of craft as there own offering. Such a beautiful thing, really. Initially, most only new producers as the ones behind the beats. Not anymore. A producer is actually a full-fledged artist on his or her own right. They are the music! Ask Calvin Harries.

a1Foresta is a Berlin­ based music producer and videographer, at home in the cities urban music scene since 2009. While Berlin is the foundation for his creation, he never loses sight of other parts of the world and works with international artists and labels from different genres across the globe.

“I have the urge to go out there and to feel what is happening in other parts of the world. There is nothing as intense as learning the stories of people from different places and being inspired. Some things just cannot be explained”.

The pursuit of THAT must have led the German producers’ venture into the Caribbean Island. Having worked with Kabaka Pyramid and Protoje, Foresta seems no longer new to the Jamaican scene. And there is nothing we dot like a people brought together in unity through music – either by the love of it, or in making it. Believe.

Believe Musicvideo Screen01Voiced by Royal Blu and Lila Ike, Believe is a single off the Foresta’s upcoming EP, yet to be titled and which promises more collaborations with the Kingston based artist, songwriter and composer – El Fuego alias Blu. Royal Blu has been putting out great music on his Soundcloud page, going back to two years ago. He has a unique approach to music where melody highlights the most part of the song, accompanied by his rapid raps. 

‘Believe’ is the result of an inspirational encounter of music producer Foresta and singer Royal Blu in Kingston Jamaica this year. The track was recorded at Quik Keyz Studio in Mona, Kingston. Royal Blu got the upcoming singer Lila Ike to sing the chorus, adding vibrancy to the song and supporting the “love-song” feeling that it carries in its lyrics.

a3Lila, on the other hand is a young talented artist focusing on Reggae, RnB and Soul music. Her personal description is enchanting:

“My music is an expression of who I am and things I recognize within society.I aim to contribute to the uplifting of Jamaica and Jamaicans through my thoughts on a beat. i am 19 full of life and music itself.I only hope my objectives are carried out and you are both informed and Inspired”

‘It was our first time working together face to face and definitely an amazing experience all together. One of my favourite and most memorable studio sessions I’ve had.’ – Royal Blu

‘I’m singing about faith as if it’s a person and how I find it hard to keep that person around – because of all the negative we’re surrounded by – and how I’m losing that person. So it can almost sound like a break up or love song to listeners.’ – Royal Blu


Believe Livesession Screen01During Foresta’s time in Kingston they shot a music video and set up a live session for ‘Believe’ both directed by South African/German director Thandi Sebe and filmed by Foresta. The live session was recorded at the event location Nanook with the support of the upcoming musicians Makiri Whyte, Nicolas Groskopf, Almando El Capo, Kawain Allure and Quik Keyz as engineer.

Thandi and Foresta outdid themselves on accompanying visuals to Believe. If ever there was a need to image eye-candy, then this is it guys. I have watched and re-watched this video and every time I try to think of anything out of place, it only happens to be my eyes, which are way into the screen – peeled. Whether it’s the brightly-coloured flowers on their hair or the motionless shots of the two artists, everything gels so well to create a catchy music video. But tastes differ, and that much we are liberal about. So, how about watching it for yourself and telling us how you find it? 

Facebook | Foresta | Royal Blu Lila Ike

SoundCloud | Foresta | Royal Blu Lila Ike

Twitter | Foresta | Royal Blu Lila Ike



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