AAA Delivery: #DSAFreestyle – Fecko [Nigeria]


Dear music fans, it’s our sincere apologies to interrupt your Sunday breezing, family time schedules and all round pretense of enjoying a ‘great’ weekend, as this can’t wait like Mom ready to deliver! Worth noting is our intended plan of continuing this trend as we head into the future. There are new crop of artists relentlessly chucking out really superb music that doesn’t deserves the moodiness of a Monday. You will have to bare and agree with us on this. Not like you have a choice anyway….Hehee

Only Fecko can get us spending Sundays by the keyboard, such nerves! 

As I got older, I had to slowdown on the punchlines, now I drop rhymes that are likened to a lifeline. 

It’s only fare to regularly support a hardworking fella. And Mazi is one of such. Since his ART collaborative project with Zilla late last year, Fecko has been having a run; Comics, Magazines, Singles, Videos, Interviews. Name it. While he get’s busy building and spreading the name of his Kingdom around the world, we ought to be closer by the periphery, to carry out and perform any duties the King might seem worth delegating to us, mere mortals. Aint that the whole purpose of servants? And we truly are great at it, best believe. 

Not a Rookie, I’ve been a round for a decade…

Fecko is constantly battling this creative box in a war the young Nigerian MC is definitely winning. Between Afrobeats and Hip Hop, Fecko can easily hold his own on the mic. Smart to dubble in the widely accepted Afrobeats, yet crafty enough to know when to retrace his Hip Hop roots. Takes a special kind of breed to glide through that, effortlessly, we must add. 

f3In this latest offering, Mazi lapses through two mashed-up classic instrumentals to deliver a laid-back, thought-out bars to put his points across, and still afford a shout out to Jigga and King Push n the intro! 

A living dog is better than a dead lion, what’s the point if you rule but can’t even roam? Freedom is priceless, people trynna digest, the truth and the message in my rap verse…

I can have this version of Fecko anytime.

When he is not  busy crafting and recording dope music, you can always find him busy creating interesting comics based on his alter-persona – Mazi Fecko! The adventures are hilarious, grants you a glimpse into a side of the artist you never explored. 

Fecko : Website |Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 


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