AAA Delivery: #GodsCollide – Five Steez [Jamaica]

gcThis was part of the whole HeatRockz project and as earlier stated during our week-long feature on Steez, it was scheduled for a 30th August release date. True to his word, Five kept his promise. It’s now time for us to return the favor. 

After releasing a single every two weeks since July, Kingston, Jamaica-based indie Hip Hop artist Five Steez has unleashed Gods Collide, the final track from HeatRockz, his new five-track EP with producer, Mordecai. The song features Steez alongside long-time collaborators Sosa and Nomad Carlos doing what they do best over a quirky but gritty instrumental.

“Many years in this game, never lost my soul, still after the cash with these bars of gold” – Steez 

In the song’s chorus, Five Steez says, “When you see the gods collide, we on a mission”, signifying a purpose behind the collaboration. He explains, “The three of us started out together in a five-member group over a decade ago in high school. Being the ones still doing music, and with Sosa and Carlos based in New York and me based out here, this was sort of a reunion and renewed merger of forces.”

“Mohawks and tight jeans, nah that aint my style, I like my jeans close fitted and my hair cut low. I aint never seen a benz breakdown on the road, no love for our foes…” – Nomad

With the release of this song, HeatRockz is now fully available for free download at The EP is Five Steez’s most aggressive project to date and features ‘true school’ boom-bap Hip Hop bangers to keep heads nodding. “This is my first project without that much of a theme,” the rapper says. “It’s really me having fun, flexing my skill and making high-energy music ideal to play in the car or hear me perform at a show.”

“My minds on the scripture, my bars paint picture. We’ve been through many wars and we always the victors…” – Sosa 


Previous Five Steez projects include his three-part Momentum mixtape series with DJ Ready Cee, his 2012 debut album, War for Peace, and his 2014 EP,These Kingston Times.



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