AAA Delivery: #SITL – The Sickest Drama [Jamaica]

t1 Confessions – lately, I rarely get tinged by a new ‘Hip Hop’ release. While most have accepted and embraced the new age type of music being created and passed around as Hip Hop, I find it a bit, insulting to the genre. Rather than be a ‘hater’, I just choose to pass. Because every dawg has his struggles that they believe are best expressed in a Hip Hop way, and as they say, change is inevitable. So I choose to keep my dinosaurs opinions to myself. Saves me trouble. But when The Council’s TSD sent us this new release, we were overly elated. You too will be. 

TS, No BS, Only sips VX – much as we all have disagreed to agree that Sativa holds the secret to world peace, we all gotta agree that TSD has the coolest intro! 

I used to think I had a crisp mastery of the queens language till I chanced on this quartet from Kingston, The Council. Not like a fluency in English has ever been anything to brag about, especially if you have an African decency where the despairing ‘master-slave’ antithesis and synthesis is still green on our memories like a vein on a lightskins body. The way they weave words together, whether in music or casual convos, with utmost simplicity makes one wonder if Hip Hop is not the only thing tracing it’s origin to the Caribbean Island. #FirstCoast

Step into the light, you know the method is precise…

If you are oldskool like me, then you will certainly enjoy some real Hip Hop and that should lead you to TSD’s new track – Step Into The Light (SITL). The track is cool, calm, collected. Allowing you to digest what the Kingston MC is putting across. tsd

The Sickest Drama returns with another supercharged single produced by @damienbeatz entitled “Step Into The Light“. TSD examines all angles in the ever evolving divide within the genre between materialism and consciousness – interchangeably weaving between the two and merging them in the process. A metaphor laced minefield with a catchy refrain that unfolds upon multiple listens, this serves as an opening salvo for his as-of-yet untitled feature length project…

Cause I’m one of those, niggas when you hear me flow, make you rethink, rapping what you think you know…

Though seemingly far-fetched, Jamaican Hip Hop collective – The Council – are arguably doing more to the genre right now than the whole American mainstream fraternity. They keep it as it should be – a tool to address societal ills, talking about the issues not often tackled and sharing their life story while at it. Basically, a voice for the voiceless.

So then, this begs for the question – who is TSD? 

From out of the darkness, a true lyricist emerges… Hailing from the cradle of Hip-hop culture Kingston, Jamaica The Sickest Drama (TSD) brings an action packed array of lyrical skills and social commentary from a uniquely “Third World” perspective. “This is the #FirstCoast“, TSD explains “DJ Kool Herc brought the sound system culture he absorbed from Jamaica and transported that essence to the Bronx in the 70’s which spawned what we know today as modern hip-hop – as a Jamaican lyricist practicing hip-hop I see this as a natural cycle of things coming full circle…”

Active on the Kingston scene since 2005 coming back home after living abroad for sometime, TSD has transitioned from hailed neophyte in the game dropping acclaimed works such as “Hiroshima” (2003) with Inztinkz and the “Wildcard” mixtape (2007) courtesy of Gambling House Records and is now considered a seasoned veteran of the local scene. During his self-imposed hiatus since 2007, TSD took part in community building initiatives for local rappers which culminated in 2013 #PayAttention movement – the first consistent hip-hop show in Kingston run by members of the community.

TSD is both host and organizer, and is poised to re-engage his listener-ship 2014 with new material. “It’s been a while since they heard from me, sometimes real life gets in the way, but the passion never strays, my path took the scenic route, but the most important part is that we’re here…” Stay tuned, cause a storm is coming and it’s The Sickest Drama….

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