All Around Africa: Gemini Major [#Malawi]

g6Yes, I know he is based in South Africa but the kid is Malawian. Blantyre’s very own making waves all across Africa! Dreams do come true. What’s that Lupita Nyong’o said again?

I have had a very candid relationship with the warm heart of Africa – Malawi – and I believe Gemini will be proud putting his city on the map; for an artist who proudly confessed never to forget his roots, it’s just right that Blantyre gets a piece of this spotlight earned by Gemini Major. Currently based in South Africa, the Kabula-raised artist left Malawi sometime back in 2009 after clearing his IT studies to pursue a dream he had long believed in – music. Approximately seven years later, the young producer finally got his biggest break when Casper Nyovest signed him to his Family Tree label, followed by a major performance as one of the opening acts to Casper’s #FillUpTheDome. Dreams are truly valid. Worth noting is the fact that Gemini had long been grinding way before the big deal. Gemini’s past work include production used in TV Shows such as Gold Diggers Season 3, Forever Young and Mo Love. 

“Performing in front of 20,000 people at the “FillUpTheDome” concert. I didn’t think that was possible, at least not so soon in my career.” g1

The first time I came across his name was via an interview we did with Malawi’s Urban Rap duo, HGA where they gave him a shout out. The second time the name appeared on my feed was when Malawi’s veteran act Third Eye re-shared a post about some fan whining that Gemini was too focused on making it in SA to the expense of his home popularity. A case of glass being half filled – it can either be that of half empty. Well, I guess you win some and lose some, aint that the beauty of life? Yet, it’s that short encounter that got me interested more on the artist, to even sample his latest release: One Night Stand, which aptly clarifies in the intro that it’s for the ladies. Curiosity just refuses to learn, doesn’t it?

Luckily, this curiosity paid off, albeit for once. 

There is something veritably bracing when a producer decides to be on the other side of the microphone! Personal observation (but we all know Holly’s never wrong – even on times when I’m on the left, I’m always right). Factually, I’m more thrilled to listen to music by producer-turned-artists. Here is the theory: few fail to realize the essence of composition in music and as such credit music to the one whose vocals serenade the instrumentals. Which is all good, bruh! However, the realness of music dwells in the composition – the thumping kicks, alternating hi-hats, rising and falling of the keys – that is music in its entity. And if you could just put away that China phone please and listened keenly, you will hear the melodies calling your name to at least pay attention to what the producer did.

That is why I always respect a composer. 

g4Gemini Major is arguably one of the greatest producers in Africa:

With production credits to music like Cassper Nyovest’s “Raphandawenawetsang”, DJ Waxxy’s “International”, Nasty C’s “Juice Back”, Stilo Magolide’s “Day Off” and “Walking and Dabbing” featuring Khuli Chana alongside Aweon Wolf, you can’t help but admire and celebrate the self proclaimed New Age Shabba’s work ethic and increasing recognition.

Who said an African kid can’t dream and live it up? 

Even on the artist side, Gemini is no less feted: 

After spending time producing for other cats, Gemini finally found his space on the other side of the mic, lacing some memorable lyrics on his compositions. He has a rapidly growing catalog of hits, boasting of features from heavyweights like Casper, Riky Rick and Nadia Nakai on RaggaRagga, Aewon Wolf on Summer Fever (to which he would return the favor on Badmanting), Mikky Jaggz on Vodka and Panties, Tshego on Hennessy, Dj Waxxy, 2Baba and Buffalo Souljah on International just to mention but a few. g5

“My sound is a celebration of music, love and life in recognition for both its pain and pleasures on a personal level as well as socially,” 

Yet, it’s his sensual solo effort, the dancehall-soused lovers anthem that got us nodding.g2

One Night Stand has the Malawian artist confessing his obsessions to this lady who has hypnotized him. The ambiance on this song is something to truly marvel about. The colour cordinations on the houses seen in this video is a spectacle! The ocean/sea scenes are whiz! Who said Africa is a dark continent again? Hellooooo! 😊😊😊😊😊😊. But in all honesty, it is the scene of the lady lighting up a J for Major that got us sprung. Come on maaan, let’s not be hypocritical here, there’s nothing as sexy as your lady lighting a sativa for you, nothing! If no one has wifed Lee, then kindly call us Ms back Ma’am, we are ready to put a ring on it! Sadly, only stoners will relate to this. LOL.  

I can ride around Nairobi bumping this on replay any day. 

coolest thing since icecream – rudebouy


Gemini Major: Facebook | TwitterInstagram 


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