A Week In The A: #BBRT [Kenya]

b5It’s been a minute since we last did an article about Kenyan music. For no apparent reason, we find ourselves highlighting more acts around Africa to the expense of Kenyans. My bad. But we can’t really shoulder all that blame, you see, as much as we we would like (and we have continuously done in the past) to support Kenyan artists, it gets a bit tedious at times. I’ll tell you why: Most Kenyan artists take a feature article for granted, not even caring for a simple repost, reshare or commenting with an acknowledgement. You write a beautiful piece about a Kenyan artist, post and even go to the extent of tagging them on Social Medias but what do you get in return? Nothing. At most, a retweet on Twitter. Come on man, you can do better than that. Do you know how much other artists around Africa are yearning for the same spotlight you are snubbing? Some even openly offer payment, just so they can grace a blog. Talk about a case of a prophet never appreciated at home. Lol. As such, we have substantially narrowed on the articles we do on Kenyan music. Also, many a times, the music has nothing to write home about, sadly. 

However, home is always best – Naija, Kwaito or Bongo and once in a while we chance on striking music from home. Music so bewitching we can’t help but marvel. 

b4“Nina mistari hatari ka kemikali nikitema zinachoma marapper ka kina Khali, wanachocha na midomo ni wakali…”

Breeder Baron Roger That! 


Their music just appeared on my YouTube timeline yesterday when I was researching content for the Gemini Major article. Matter of fact, their music automatically ‘entered’ my playlist on the auto-player YouTube option. Hehee. It took only 36 seconds into the song to halt my fingers from pressing next! Instead, I pressed replay, made a mental note to check them thereafter and went on my business. This morning, while I was digging on some Egyptian act, there music appeared on my timeline, again. What’s that they say about good music finding it’s way to reach people?

b2I then decided to give the kids a more a keen ear. 

“The game is dead so we brought it back, right from the start we earned respect..”

BBRT, as they are formally known, are Kenyan Rap duo with not so much information on their Social Media. Well, they would rather let the music speak, seemingly. And speaking it does – the music. After listening to their latest single – the self-titled BBRT, I had to look for more material from the duo. Sampling a number of their singles on YouTube shows one factor, BBRT are truly diverse – from the beat selections to the themes in their music. A single like Broken Promises sees them delve into love and heartbreaks on a laid-back instrumentals while the solo effort by member Breeder LW, My Name sees him showcase his lyrical brilliance. 

– A Dream is like a seedling,it never stop growing until everything is all over –

I am sorry, but my favorite jam from them is ‘Slaying The King’. The kids went iiiiinnnnn! Like a thong on Vera’s whitewashed booty. Much as we would like to agree that one can’t necessarily become famous via diss tracks, this was a solid shot at the whole #WhoIsKing pandemonium. We always champion for unity among artists but at times, you have to admit that a song is tight, despite being a diss. b3

“Unaringa na Subaru na sikuhiizi ni ka Tecno…”

As if the Kings weren’t slayed enough, their Time is Now cypher further takes shots at some of the renowned artists. Quick question, what’s the beef with the Yego and Tergat rappers lol?

For a duo priding themselves in ‘saving rap music’ they are certainly doing all they can to realize this dream If none has ever told y’all this, then let Holly be the first: let NO ONE discourage y’all! No ONE, the music is great, keep pushing. 

BBRT: Facebook | TwitterTwitter |  Instagram 


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