AAA Delivery: #BelieveLive – Foresta [Germany]


Nothing beats a great rapport, to a writer. The joy of writing about a new artist and immediately hitting it off on the right footing, even sharing more between yourselves and just getting to know how you can be part of their beautiful journey in the future, that’s the utmost fulfillment to a well-meaning writer. Better than the paychecks if you ask me. Plus we seldom see the cheques, you know? Hehee, that’s for another season, when I’ll have a reason. 


Credits: Amani Campbell

We did this article about the German producer on the move, exploring different cultures and creating beautiful music while at it. He actually wrote back not just t thank us, but further highlighted that he will soon share a project with a wonderful South African act. He was in Kingston, probably blowing some Oz. Kindly be advised that the last bit is purely presumptive. But it would be great nonetheless, knowing that is the current situation.  


Credits: Amani Campbell

On the earlier release, Foresta had hinted at there being a live session of Believe. What he failed at, miserably, was to add just how amazingly fascinating it would be. Call me a child but simple things like these are what excites me. I breath for this good music bruh! I’ll not even spoil the perfection in this by adding unnecessary sentences. Watch for yourself!

Maybe just to add the scores of musicians on set, because we understand the value of credits:
Makiri Whyte (Drums), Nicolas Groskopf (Guitar), Almando El Capo (Guitar), Kawain Allure (Bass), Foresta (Keys), Royal Blu (Vocals) & Lila Ike (Vocals).


Credits: Amani Campbell

The full song credit is on the YouTube by the way. Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Hope at least someone got married (or laid) after that session because that’s orgasmic to say the least.

Facebook | Foresta | Royal Blu Lila Ike

SoundCloud | Foresta | Royal Blu Lila Ike

Twitter | Foresta | Royal Blu Lila Ike


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