AAA Delivery: #DirtyCouch – Five Steez [Jamaica]

dirtycouchstill3Weeks after releasing HeatRockz – his new EP with producer, Mordecai – Five Steez has unveiled the visual for the lead single, Dirty Couch. The video, directed by Scotty Dreamkiller, centres around the couch in the hallway at Gambling House Recording Studio, the Mecca of Kingston, Jamaica’s underground Hip Hop community.

“People who pass through to visit always end up sitting in the couch or on top of it,” says Five Steez. “So we just showed what a regular day may look like.”

The video, shot in black and white with a yellow ‘Sin City’ effect, shows energetic performances from Five Steez and a vibrant hallway celebration with friends. In the song, the young MC taunts inferior rappers and those diluting the genre over a dusty-sounding “bona fide headnodder” crafted by Mordecai.dirtycouchstill2 The EP HeatRockz is available for free download and is also on iTunes, Spotify and other digital outlets. It is Five Steez’s most aggressive project to date and features ‘true school’ boom-bap Hip Hop bangers to keep heads nodding. “It’s really me having fun, flexing my skill and making high-energy music ideal to play in the car or hear me perform at a show,” says Five Steez. “Some think it’s my best work.”

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