AAA News: Attention Kenyan Artists, Here is a Gift – #HappyBirthdayGilad [Kenya]

gilad-5As an artist, life can be frustrating especially in the Kenyan entertainment space. From production costs, music airplays, media coverage, getting bookings to pulling a successful performance for an audience rarely willing to give new artist an ear, being a creative is an uphill task for most people.  Worse still, is the pain and agony of watching your dreams slip into oblivion. In whatever field of choice, support is the most important thing anyone needs while pursuing their dreams.

More often than not, it doesn’t have to be financial. Matter of fact, artists actually need emotional support and guidance more than the financial aid. Cases of artists giving up on their dream because of lack of support is all too rampant.

Having experienced this 20 years ago and now in his second year making music in Kenya, Israeli-Kenyan artist, Gilad has decided to celebrate his 45th birthday by sharing tips and insights he has acquired along the way with fellow artists. Teaming up with Alchemy Creatives Session as part of their weekly free mentorship program.  The session will see Gilad, who is known for content-oriented and soulful music, talk to fellow artists about believing and investing in yourself in order to make it in the music and entertainment industry.gilad-1

Currently enjoying heavy rotation and media coverage from his Nakuahidi duet with Dela, Gilad has experienced first hand and knows the hardships faced by artists and those aspiring to make a career out of music.

Though his music has continuously received support and admiration since the April 2015, release of his debut single, Unajua featuring Wendy Kimani, Gilad has had his fare share of frustration with music.  Earlier on, he had to quit music all together at the age of 25 in order to fend for his family since music was not generating any income.  His first encounter with music was as part of the White Donkey band in Jerusalem, which later broke up after failing to claim any mainstream commercial success. Through persistence and perseverance, he is now seeing his dreams come to fruition 20 years later. 

The objective of these sessions is to empower, support and educate artists on the DO’S and DON’TS of the music industry with an aim of making them earn from their craft.   

Gilad’s session entitled ‘Believing in Yourself’ will focus not only on the life philosophies guiding this approach, but on the practical side of doing what it takes to give yourself a fighting chance.gilad-2

Now in its third week running, the Alchemy Creative Session has seen several artists, deejays and producers get tips from established musicians and industry stakeholders.  Some of the well known persons to grace the sessions include: Makadem on performances, radio presenter Monique on music submission, Eric Musyokka on quality production and contracts, Jack Rooster on deejaying, Buddha Blaze on career opportunities in the music industry as well as June Gachui who tackled the legalities involved in music licensing and performance. Nameless and Blinky Bill are lined up for this week’s edition too and will tackle the power of good negotiating and the evolution of a musician respectively.

Come Tuesday, 27th September, Gilad will be celebrating his birthday in his own style, sharing from the knowledge and insights he has garnered along the years. All artists and interested parties are invited to make their way to the Alchemist Bar in Westlands for this special edition of Alchemy Creatives Session.

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