AAA EP: #BarEsSalaam – NBF [Tanzania]


A while back, I had a chat, a looooong one precisely, with some of the coolest kids in Africa, today and next weeks. That chat was supposed to eventuate into a history-making week-long feature on our blog and the ultimate tilt in tides on the Tanzanian Hip Hop scene, forever. The way I had planned to articulate these words on that article could have made Diamond request NBF for a cosign before dropping Salome. Like hey bruh, I listened to y’all’s music and it got me wondering if mine’s still considered Bongo, so I wanted y’all to kindly sample this new one that Zari insists is fire, but I’m not entirely certain. Maybe you guys can give it a blessing?

And I would have been here telling Uhhh, Gavin, Simba & Domi like, look who done made it? Didn’t I tell y’all greatness is deep within every one of you?

And it wouldn’t be because they had made it and I just wanted to make them feel good, yet because I honestly want the best and believe in these Dar Es Salaam kids.

Unfortunately, that Grammy worthy article never got to see the light of day. First I lost all my back up files while switching phones and then the young King was born and my life has never been as dedicated at being the great servant I am to His Majesty. Matter of fact, I’m a slave to that lil man. And you can tell he knows this by the cheeky smiles escaping his tiny lips whenever he has held you hostage. A true child of his mother. His time will come to know a man should take after his father, not mother. Smh

Back to Dar, I mean Bar Es Salaam

As obvious as it might seem and sound, let’s agree that the title is actually creative, at least I find it. Childishly creative, and I would like to know came up with it, to try and fancy just how similar our minds are – both stupid.

You can discern my disappointment when I finally googled Bar Es Salaam and not even Bongo 5 attempted a review on this trump (not Donald, idiot). But that’s why Africa needs Holly, no? I carry this content’s burden of music on my spine. (Forgive the idiot, that’s Mary J talking now. On regular occasions, Holly is a very humble soul, by the way). On some real Marley shit though, Tanzania is not in one bit ready for the musical eruption that’s about to hit it. And I’d get it, it will serve them no good hearing all these lyrical pearls without really understanding a single word, I hear the dictionaries are still stuck somewhere on sea, South West of Indian Ocean. And this is not a hate speech tafadhali, we all know how Holly is a staunch #TeamMaghufuliJP. Plus, y’all are still my in-laws, remember? #HapaKaziTu kaka.

In retrospect, if English is taking her sour time to get to Tanzania, then how comes Tigo can’t utilize their #HapaKasiTu covenant to ensure the bitch speeds up or something? And how then, do these New Bongo Fleva kids rap better than the entire Universal Records catalogue?

If Cr3w Teflon didn’t take Kenyan Urban music to the next level from where the Mulla team left it, then NBF are pitched to pin the entire East African urban rap to the map. All they need is a strategy and structuring, they already excel at discipline, I think.

b1One thing I vividly remember from our chat is how Pablo( Uhhh) typed his entire Whatsapp response on a word document and edited every dot and comma before copy-pasting it on the group chat. Such a simple act showed how serious with his craft he was. As if it was Complex or GQ that had flown to interview them. I don’t know, but that showed how keen he was to handle his brand image with respect. Like Gilad would say, respect the word.  Ooh, of course I can never forget how he saved our names on his phone and how he quickly christened himself ‘Pastor Pablo’ after trying to hit on…. Never mind. Ndekia is a nut case, truly fun guy that one. For one who starts his convo ati Wagwaan, then proceeds to confess that he doesn’t smoke. Lol.

Brian is Simba and coming from the motherland, we absolutely know how Mufasa does his thing. I mean, this brother straight up wrote a full song just to vibe a habesha! Hahaa, you thought I forgot about the confessions, uh? We always vibe to Ladha over here young King, Africa is waiting for your reign.

As much as he comes out as the craziest, partly courtesy of his constant slick talks on most of his raps, Gavin might actually be the good guy. He acts and sounds gangsta but we know deep down he is a mindful sweet kid who opted to write to Domi requesting for permission to use a beat from Sound cloud that he had earlier on intended to just pirate like a G. Now we know G is for everything but George, nor Gavin. While Domi almost ignored him, an option he had, he actually responded and that’s how the “story of the daring kids who set out to challenge the norm” begun.

b7Other than clarifying that he was in the land of maple syrup, Domi talked the least, only stepping forward to clear things out and stress that he is loyal to his woman. Just. That. Ooh Domi my nigga. Anyway, the girl who has arrested that brother’s heart is a very lucky one. Just remember, never hesitate to make a call should you find the house suddenly cleaned and neatly arranged upon return from an evening walk, kaka. If she happens to be a white girl that is 🙂 We know how psycho our sisters can get.

By the time of that interview, I had not interacted with the bigger team. I however, knew about Braxxx, TopherJaxxx and AVID whom they highly recommended that we should check out too.

It’s unimaginably beautiful, the volcanic eruption of dope ass music that is about to hit Tanzania and finally Africa. The gas is pressed ready, the lava molten already, the flow is coming wipe everything on it’s way. A few years back, even Kenyans would have thought it a farfetched dream, an idea of a teenage band of 4 coming up with their own funky urban sound, heavily adapted from the American pop music and getting recognition from as far as the BET chambers. Camp Mulla did it. Without radio, just internet. There’s a growing avalanche that is about to hit Africa so hard even the oceans won’t save us. It’s time for a music revolution and this one will be soundclouded, never radio or televised.


Mike Terato sent me the soundcloud link to what he called “an 8-song EP” and I might have been in the vastness of Galana desert by then. Watching elephants and Giraffes parade their elegance by the sunset.  Long and short is, I received the mail way late and only listened when I came back to Nairobi. Even then, I never got a chance to write anything.  

But you can never turn a deaf ear to good music. You can’t look the other side. It is good music man, what do you mean you don’t have time? I knew it deep down that until the day I will put out this article, my heart will never know peace. I was the biggest advocate of this guys and really pushed them to keep working, how was I gonna sit back and see their efforts sap or wane because Africa takes forever to give a chance to a new kid chasing his dream? Talk about trust issues.

  1. You Gotta Love Them – the new bongo fleva.

The intro to the Ep is in the form of 4:32 minute long mood music with lazy winding keys and alternating drums. And ooh, AVID wasting no time to let us know that we are in for straight bars, no longolongo. The way this brother delivers his raps, his intentions are clear, making it so hard for you to hate. You gotta love it. I thought AVID was only singing, no? This is truly the age of limitless African youths, like Fecko fondly says.  I can’t wait to see the whole world getting on a frenzy. I don’t  remember the Gavin I love most, I mean, I can’t remember if there is a Gavin I dislike. Every single 16 this guy delivers sounds like his best yet, till you listen to the next and the next. Gavin’s next is always his best and his last still wins next.  And I have been playing him to my dawgs like yeah men, you gotta love him. Plus Domi charge a fortune for these bomb beats!!

“Me and Pablo just drove to a city for a show, and they love us out there like they love us back home, we on the come up but they know all these songs”

Pablo has been hot his whole life. Case closed.

On a second thought, one more time, you gotta love them.


  1. Kuvimba has a jazzy flare. Get ready to rumble!!

Is this the best instrumentals on this project? So far yes. While You Gotta Love it left room for the artists to express themselves with heavy punch lines, Kuvimba goes head to head on both fronts. The jazz orchestrated instrumental is melodious with a soulful jazzy glow that is really smooth towards the end and totally alluring, yet the rappers attacked it head on creating a beautiful symphony.

“don’t even understand I’m light as fuck but I’m heavyweight… every hit is a record I record to set the record straight, cos my name is Simba, I never fuck with the leopards mayne..”

Hip Hop is alive!!

  1. Dark Knight is a story waiting to be filmed.

George brings back the culture of movie dialogue samples in Hip hop for his solo contribution to Bas Es Salaam. Ooh Gavin how we love you broh, but we might not rescue you from the wrath of Sinza girls, that’s if they haven’t killed you yet. It’s not easy trying to save Hip Hop from its current global deathbed and for that, we give thanks George. The storytelling ability is impressive. Very.

  1. Despicable Me, mean talk Simba.

For his solo project, Simba wonders what niggas want him to do so they can believe he is this hot on every mutherfucking record, before going on to deliver a brilliant verse which funnily ends with him wiping out any chances of ever signing with Roc Nation. Assuming Jigga catches feelings that quick.

Beat so crazy I’ll never stop till my buzz bigger than Jay Z’s lips. whatsapp-image-2016-11-03-at-4-00-41-am

Let’s see, what’s the worse that should happen to a nigga who has bars like “akili ni nywele my girls weave is Caucasian” then proceeds to apologize on the next line? Dude, he’s already single even before the song is done released. Never dare steer towards that weave talk.

If nothing, this jam goes to show how more and more confident Brian’s becoming with his delivery and word play.

  1. Loud is a flexing record

We’re interacting again with Mike Terato, Gavin and Uhh as they introduce two other cats, MJB and BenV on this Mary J inspired track. With 5 rappers all going in and giving their best shot, this might be the control moment in this Ep. Yet, the bouncy instrumental makes it perfect for some flex mode. No one disappoints, so much quotables.  Call it Hip Hop being Hop Hop and MCs just following the blue print.

Please listen to Loud till the end, come back and thanks us after replaying BenV.b3

  1. Too Easy to be a hobby

No AVID, no matter how much you want us to believe this is a hobby to you, we won’t. Hobbies don’t come this good. And how you make it look too easy, mayne. It is really funny if this is just a hobby to you AVID, but take a minute to imagine what this guy would do if he decides to make it a profession. BenV is just insane, let’s not dwell there. The kid is mad talented. MJB has a solid input on this too.

This the high lane nigga better have focus.

Let’s fast-forward to Terato though; what happened to us all just getting along, brother?

Hahaa, Mike is so very disrespectful on this record. Dude, we had come to the humble acceptance that TZ mamis got that juice and sauce, no need rubbing it on our face Lol. Ati mademu zenu wamepigwa pasi. I like this guys.

  1. The Life We Chose is for the chosen

On the most soulful record, you find the meanest punch lines and you wonder, what’s really wrong with brothers. Till you realize they are just but being honest about their lifestyle. AVID is not done surprising us as he switches to singing on this one. We know what happens when AVID sings, yo! Wait, let’s see.

Gavin is always stressing how our ladies love him, we know broh. We really need no more reminders now. Why we forgive George though, is because he talks some real talk almost always too.

I also kinda need the applause, until momma has to hear it from her friends how her baby boy rapping making ends,

Pablo and Gavin are partners, especially in reminding us that our girls are ours. Guess we’ll never hear the end of this, right? How Uhh switches in between Swa and English is commendable,

All I know ni kusaka chapaa Insha Alla nikikosa leo kesho napaa… I’m 6″4 I really can’t do anything small,

First, Mike is good, I agree. I just need what he’s on. Like seriously.

I was chilling in class, when the period passed I asked this girl if her period passed, I’m trynna smash.

No comment, Mr. Rey Mysterio flows.b8

  1. Run it Back to AVID

They went back to mood music for closure, what a selection. AVID and Mike were dying for a chance to switch flows, ey. Basically, they decided to run with it and have fun because, come one, we are dope. And we fucking bitches you can’t afford. That too, Lol. 

You had no idea I could switch it up, uh? Now all of a sudden y’all give a fuck, uh?

In conclusion, Bar Es Salaam was meant to serve a purpose, it is a wake up call to the world to sit up and take notes of what’s simmering in Dar Es Salaam. I hope you are paying attention. When is season 2 dropping? Tomorrow? 

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