AAA REVIEWS: #DOAS – Mcskill Thapreacha [Nigeria]

mcskill-thapreacha-image-01How do you review a 20 track album that you’re listening to for the first time on its day of release,  just like everyone else? You grab a bottle of henny, oops, sorry, a guard of gin or any other local African brew, depending on where you are at the moment because broh, we know there will always be a drink whenever an African party is going down and today more than ever, we are celebrating the success of one of our own, a fellow King who is ascending to claim his throne in the real of Royalty. 

Mcskills sent us this album 2 weeks in advance for review and a possible launch article. Such an honour, brother. But let me tell you what is really an honour – the fact that Holly will never attempt to review any piece of art, no matter how big or sophisticated he becomes. Because I respect the individual and artistic creative freedom to create art in an unorthodoxed manner. And Holly will always respect his principles and never at any point, will he think he is big enough to review an artists work of art. Because art is meant to be appreciated, never rated. 

Yet, Holly will share his thoughts on a project and give you an honest opinion on the experience he gets from listening to a piece of art. And maybe that is why they like Holly, always according him the honours that he doesn’t deserve. 

For today, we will be gathered at the big tree near that abandoned old house at the corner, on your way to the local river that halves the village as it meanders it’s way down the valley. That village where everyone believes they can be greater than the yam pounder, the rarely sober local chief or the women who randomly ululates whenever they get some gin – a sign of celebrations.  You can’t never take away our African-ness, brother. Rightfully, we should start by commending this brother from the land of oil and chopping money, for being the first Hip Hop artist to have an  album trailer for his project. Good stuff ThaPreacha!  

The Diary, year two thousand and something…. 

I first played this Album on a louder sound system and the intro was the longest I could ever have the patience to listen to, with my son making these funny sounds and his mother somehow giving me that look like, yo, the baby wants you to carry him. And I’m just here like hey, I am already carrying the entire Africa on my shoulder Ma’, where is the space to carry a baby, who actually just wants to suck on boobies (like his father), pee, shit and smile while looking you direct in the eyes like “go ahead, I dare you to judge me?” Right away, I figured this is not one of those Albums you listen to while multitasking, but rather, a piece of art that screams for quiet listening. A teaching in some sort of. Actually in all sorts of. Hey, it’s Skills Thapreacha we’re talking about here, remember? 

For his introduction, MC Skills chooses to address the new age African youth, that is so far gone, but not in anyway like Drake. A youth so preoccupied with running away from their African-ness, their blackness, their royalty. Just to be seen and accepted as a NIGGA! Preach brother, preach. Wait, that’s kind of what his name alludes to, no?

How did the gentlemen become the nigga, I’m trynna figure, where is the trigger? the gentleman will become the trigger. African man calling himself nigga, hmm, okay nigga, how are you, nigga. Nigga, you never left Africa, nigga. Brother, you are not a nigger!!!! You are a BLACK MAN! 

Lord, I don’t know NO NIGGA, my whole time, but I know Fela Kuti! 

The intro to MC Skills tha Preacha’s album should be adapted and implemented in all schools around our motherland as the first lesson EVERY African kid is taught in school!

That we are Kings and Queens, not niggas!!!! You never left Africa, Nigga! Someone, anyone, please make REZthapoet a teacher in every African institution. 

With such a powerful, thought-provoking introduction, one would expect MC Skills to use some African drums, shakers and conga for instrumentation. That could have driven the message home, broh! 

The same sentiments are echoed on Supernaturals, which actually serves as the actual intro track for the Album because MC Skills now steps forward to spit some real knowledge. For the powerful messages this brother is putting across, allow me to state that he has the worst choice in instruments. Well, as of now. 

Listen, there are some messages that are so powerful, so necessary, so important to be drowned by the heavy baselines and constant continuous snares on crunk beats. No disrespect to the producers but Supernatural deserves an African drum and its accompaniment type of instrumentation. You don’t simply let such powerful and extremely needed message to be lost, due to a wrong choice of beat. 

doas-album-cover-frontMan in the Mirror should be the first song in the album

When a perfect theme, message and delivery meets a well-thought out instrumentation, you get magic. The magic is even greater when the vocals are in harmony with the track. Who is freeborn? That’s the first question that comes to mind upon playing this record. This sister is the truth. Imagine if kids would gather in the evenings, right when the sun is about to set, and form a circle around Freeborn as she leads them into this zone of self awareness? A zone of self discovery. 

Time to let go of the wealth that you made killing people. 

When Family over Everything starts, you leave everything else unattended and pay attention. Given an option, I would pick 2 songs so far as album music. This is that mature, grown ass music. That well-thought out verses that aim to put a message across, rather than  fill the time. This is now MC Skills matching up to our selfish standards of how we rate him. Standards come with expectations, Skills. 

We gon get there, the will and zeal is right… 

Dear Daughter is one of those true testaments. A case of an artist bearing his all and letting his feelings take a center stage. maybe we need to address MC Skills with more respect, he is a father after-all. In an age where deadbeat dads are parading as gentlemen, it’s essential to recognize those going against the grains to be a father figure. 

The Future is Mc Preacha! 

It’s been a long time coming for this brother. And when he is gone, they will capture his legacy. For someone professing to be playing big roles in the lives of our kids, we need to pay more attention to the message MC Skills is putting across. Personally, I am way comfortable my son listening to Mc skills than dabbing to Nae Nae. Tafa should start a ministry already, that’s if he doesn’t have one to begin with. 

I see poverty of the minds, I see nothing but darkness..

Image may contain: 1 person, screen and indoorOkay, here is where I take back my words and give it up to Stormatique for his productions. The last 4 tracks are nothing short of classics. Please note that my standards of a classic are in no way close to your agreements and I’m in no mood to argue about that right now. Synik is a worthy contributor to this music. I’m always a strong crusader for meaningful collaborations. This right here is one of such. So much quotables in this gem. Matter of fact, this should be the compulsory introductory lesson to every Black Child out there fighting for self discovery. I think Mobb Deep would be proud of MC Skills. 

In Love With You ushers us in to the second part of this 20 track album. 

Man, I truly love it when Stormatique chops up some real Hip hop instrumentals. Those are the ones that Mc Skills rides the best! It’s like he so well knows Tha Preacha’s true zone, yet constantly tries to push him out of the comfort zone. My observation, Mc Skills is a true Hip Hop MC, just serve him that real Hip Hop, bruh. In all honesty, this are the real lost tapes of Hip Hop. Anyone around the world would listen to this music with nostalgia, reminiscing about the golden age when rap music had a message. God bless Mc skills. Our kids are in safe hands if you are the future, brother. 

Cause people lie, doesn’t matter if you’re honest with them ..

Stay shining is Mc Skills best attempt at getting a commercial record, and we truly understand, an album needs one of those.That also means there is not much to say about it, as with most commercial Hip hop records. Though the beats are mainstreams, Tha Preacha still manages to squeeze in some inspirational message on it. 

My Way continues on the same sphere Stay Shining initiated. Just as the song goes, let’s retreat to our rightful place of being just fans and watch Mc Skills do it his way. 

Personally, I have never ,liked that overused Versace flow so even a remix to Stay Shining won’t cut it for me. I din’t even like it on Drake. I just believe Hip Hop has better flows that can be re-adapted. 

PhD is not an interlude! How dare you Skills?? This is one of the BEST efforts in this whole Album and you dare make it nothing but an interlude? This is on some Nas shit. If I ever had even a sparkle of doubt of being a fan, this just cleared everything. We need a full version, kindly. 

I am a mason, cause I build…

Everything comes alive on The Future pt. 2

“First of all you can say the future remembers me, cause when I’m gone they gone be checking my legacy.” This is that stadium audience jam! This is B.o.B on his airplanes shit! This is the song you shoot a video to, in black and white and just take this entire shit worldwide, bruh, you listening? This is the truth. I love this jam. 

Now who’s gonna stop this? Us. How we gon stop this? Trust. 

The Future is now, Imma Holla later. 

Image may contain: 2 people, indoorAs much as Celebration has that feel good African vibe to it, it couldn’t come at any wrong timing, because everyone will still be stuck on The Future pt. 2 by the time the jam comes on. I mean, come on man, how do you put two of the biggest records on the album back to back? I’ll tell you, you are either a very wicked human being loves seeing us struggle to pick a favorite, or you are simply a mean and selfish brother and wouldn’t want us to adsorb all the awesomeness in The Future pt. 2. Anyway, point is, these two tracks carry the entire Albums’ weight. I feel we didn’t deserve to wait 18 tracks in to have celebration. I also believe celebration deserves a dope ass video with military street parade kinda performance. You are amazing King. 

The best Mc Skills efforts are the ones he decides to be mean with verses, like Beats and Rhymes. The village elders are gathering after this by the way, to discuss your wickedness. It is a big big offence to starve us of good music. 

The Season deserves a full independent article, of it’s own. 

Aint nothing funny, son, this aint no Sitcom, cause this is rap in it’s purest form… 

You don’t just have the worlds’ greatest on one track and make it a mention. Third Eye is the greatest African MC, we will only even debate about this once you’re done twerking, bruh. Forget about all the bars on this record, let’s talk about the unity showcased here, first of all. When last or how regularly do you all great MCs coming together on a single joint? 

Hip Hop is ALIVE, we are Pharell happy! 

Safe to say MC Skills Tha Preacha intentionally put all gems in the second part of this Album. 

I never really do reviews, all I can ever do is share my experiences from listening to a song and as usual, we all get different experiences off a song, just that Holly tends to have the best because I’m never shy to share mine, which happens to be as honest as the ancestors could allow. 

MC Skills is a legend, living amongst us. You might consider this a premature conclusion but guess what, I made the judgement way before this album was even conceptualized. So, like a sack, your opinion necessarily won’t hold water. Half the MCs I have had the honour of interacting with and blessed to sample their music were introduced to us through MC Skills. Now that is how you know a brother is influential. I respect an artist who is comfortable in his own zone and willing to forgo the pressure to fit in and just keep doing what they love. More than everything, I adore a brother who aims to share intellect and knowledge through music. It’s a rarity, especially in this day and age of hashtags and trends, bragging and empty threats.

doas-album-cover-rearGet the new album and support a brother spending sleepless nights to ensure our kids at least get some knowledge growing up.  

iTunes | Spinlet Bandcamp Amazon


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