A Week In The A: #MTHGNi [Kenya]


How was the weekend, great ones? Or better yet, how has the year been so far? 

I hear tender footsteps patting the ground below as the lean figures supported by these gentle strokes chameleon around swiftly, head in the air, mind in the sky and heart over the moon. Ooh, and the roses are whispering to one another, scary whispers. It’s got to be February! Ha! Hmm, anyway, it’s been a split second since we were here and the Universal Law of cause and effect has brought us all the way back. Talk about what goes around coming right back around. So, let’s get right on it. 

Of all the artists who relentlessly sent us their content, MTHGNi ( don’t dare us to pronounce the name, please. We’re just as confused) was the most persistent. And what is that they say about persistence? 

As a producer, MTHGNi is one half of P ± A

MTHGNi has this knack for working with talented musicians from all around the world, giving his music an edge and that unique dexterity. Quite a fun approach to art. Sample his single Nairobi, which features vocals from eSeroni, a wonderful Russian singer. We hope they are buddies now, and we’ve joined the lucky few who have the nuclear codes, no? Come on broh, get the code or one of them fine Russian models (hi eSeroni) or both 🙂


I am a fun of P ± A’s productions, always been. 


Muthigani Njama alias MTHGNi is a young Kenyan producer, audio engineer, multi-instrumentalist & artiste based in Nairobi Kenya who has been practicing music for a while now. Having worked with several artists in the past, like NBF’s George Gavin, he is now gearing to release his first solo project – “Once Upon A Time In Nairobi” and I highly wonder if Nairobi is, by any means prepared for this.  As a producer, MTHGNi is one half of P ± A, a music production and sound engineering duo based in Nairobi Kenya consisting of himself & Kanzu_LYI, who serve as producers, engineers & artistes. Here is the second single, Lost where he features NEW$HOES, an indie guitarist & LO-FI artiste from Melbourne, Australia. 

MTHGNi : Facebook | Twitter Instagram 


One thought on “A Week In The A: #MTHGNi [Kenya]

  1. Awesome awesome awesome…I like the instruments most …its different.. Calm..and organized. Keep up the good work and congratulations!

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