A Week In The A: #GetBy – RaizaBiza [Rwanda]

biza-2It is indeed true that good music heals thy soul. When one stumbles upon it just at the time when your soul’s yearning for redemption, the heart glows like the sky on a new year countdown watch. Genres become obsolete when you are at this echelon because the voices of angels require no set out rhythmic pattern to penetrate the subconscious, the waves just flap through your eardrum.  

trust me it don’t get no realer…

There is something about Biza that get’s you playing all his music over and over again. And re-watching all the videos because they are so kind to the pupils. His remake of Nas & Damian Marley’s “Patience” is one that reflects the present language of people from all corners of the world – a cry for justice. That’s just a moment out of a whole lot in Biza’s music career.

Late last year, Raiza dropped a 6 track EP. “Day & Night” on September eleventh through his AmmoNation imprint. The EP consisted of gems, the instrument selections show growth and diversity;  the trumpets on Wassup, the drums on Strong Woman (the novel vocals of Mukuka) and the feelings-laden raps on Some Days are a warm welcome

“on the road to survive an abuse, all we can do is just fight for the truth”biza-1

The first video from the EP was released in early Dec and as we’ve come to expect from Biza, it’s nothing short of greatness. The simplicity by which Raiza Biza crafts his art is commendable. Pure art. Teaming up with South African vocalist Bianca Paulus (of Weird Together), Biza delivers another stellar visuals, shot by Isaac Lyon of ODD.   

Stories never get old, and maybe that’s the reason why we’re always fixated with Biza’s music. It’s all stories; of joy and happiness, sadness and suffering. Stories live forever, they are to memories, what pictures are to time. Listen to Pray For Me, then send your prayers to Biza as well as everyone else in the world, we all need it. Up to where Raiza has reached thus far, is through determination and persistence coupled with the grace of God. That’s a real motivation to anyone just starting the climb. biza

“I’m only here because my brother had faith in me”

Get Biza’s Full EP: Day & Night on BandCamp.

Here  is a lil bonus from the King, courtesy of the good people at Colors Show, a video to his first single on the Day & Night EP. Wassup?

Raiza Biza: Facebook | Twitter Instagram 


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