A Week In The A: #TheScientists [Swaziland]

swazi-1The world is all about pairs – good things come in twos, it’s in the equilibrium. The Wave Particle Duality, scientists would argue. For the rest of us, we just nod in agreement, yet somehow, each and everyday, we see, feel and experience this in our day to day. How I wish science would be less complex, but maybe there’s a reason for that, because otherwise, we might have missed out on Swazi’s finest duo.

… forces come in pairs

There is some magic associated with pairs, especially in music. Think Drake and 40, August & Knucklehead, even Wizkid and Legendarybeatz. It’s tempting to say, you can never go wrong in twos. Thing about a duo is, it’s just perfect – like Adam and Eve – because, one is a loner and three, a crowd. I really don’t know how to explain this, but I think it’s more about complementing one another or a Newton would put it, a universal law of polarity: forces come in pairs. Of most pairing, a deejay/producer one is lethal one. Deejays know how music speaks to a people at different moments of their life, without that gift, it would be tough to know what to play, hence even harder pleasing a crowd. Woe unto you if they are a bunch of drunk coolkids out to please their, almost always naive girlfriends. Producers, on the other hand, know how music should make people feel. Just like gods, they are tasked with the expectation of perfection. Yet unlike gods, they are very quickly judged, especially by us earthlings who can’t even comprehend the difference between a slap and a tone on the Djembe. To top it up, they’re also counted on to give us just the right sound, once the wave kicks in. Ooh, how almighty we consumers of music are. swazi-3

In the King’s land, all the way downsouth, two talented musicians have come together to find their equilibrium and create a harmonious synchronicity. This is science, broh. .

The Scientists, as they are popularly known, are Swaziland’s finest DJ/Producer House Duo. The Duo is made up of Amp Metallic (Samkeliso Khumalo) and Kronic Illusion (Wandile Mkhombe). Founded back in 2012 (how many Valentine’s have passed since then, by the way?) these two amazing musicians have worked their way up to finally get our ears. Or if you turn it the other way around – we’ve finally humbled ourselves, enough to let nature raise us to a higher level where good music dwells , just in time to appreciate the ingenious contribution of The Scientists. This, you won’t never regret. When was the last time you danced to music full of positive vibes? I mean, when was the last time you heard a song so good that it got you upright listening to the message, yet still tempted to get up and dance along? The Scientist will grant you that experience, not once, but whenever you listen to their music. As a qualified doctor, I prescribe it 2 time 3, then repeat all day till the pain goes away.

I’m tired of all these fighting, crying, dying, greed and hurting, .

selomeTheir first official single for the year sees them team up with C.Maya from Swaziland on the beat and a singer by the name of Selome who might be what the world needs to forget about trump, and all the troubles that come with it. Titled Get away, the song is about telling all negative people and negative energies to do just that – ‘Get Away!’. As if not contented with just making awesome music, they are keen on crossing boarders and uniting Africa too. How Selome curls her words will make it hard for us listeners to get away though. Words are powerful and The scientists and Selome know exactly that. The lyrics to Get Away are deep, soulful and fresh! Especially now more than ever, when our ears are accustomed to dabbing and bad and boujee, you feel me?

As iit would be, the duo is under the umbrella of Thasa Agency, the same house where the greatest African crooner (not debatable, sorry) King Tiyas hails from. It’s like only greatness comes out of there.

swaziThe Duo have headlined numerous events in Swaziland and South Africa, they have graced audiences in Mozambique. They have opened for various artists, sharing stages with the likes of Micasa, Big Nuz, Euphonik, Terrence, Toya de Lazy, Oliver Mtukudzi, Uhuru, Admiral and Jahseed, Shimza, Nasty C, Speedsta, Vinny Da Vinci, Ralf Gum, Crazy White Boy, Heavy K, Professor, Dr. Malinga, Shota, Cubique, Roque, Deep Rebel, Da Capo and more

take it all away, I don’t need it any more

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