AAA Delivery: #NdiMuoyo– Gachago[Kenya]

hkOkay guys, story time!

Here comes Gachago, The Loving King. But before that, I’m sorry in advance if I’ll be interrupting you date or valentine’s time, but you’ve got to see this with your own two eyes. Hehee, plus we know you’re not that hooked on vale, it’s not really a thing for single people. I guess you already know that 🙂

you’ve got to keep on moving…

Back to that story. At 11 am one Friday, I slogged my way to Oilibya Westlands, tired and sleep coz, Agency work! I was there to meet a team I was to journey to Nakuru with. At the entrance, I passed this guy who had locks and a pink t-shirt, sitting close by, mind seemingly far away (maybe wondering why he chose to wear his favorite pink tee on this particular day of the Lord, hehee). I didn’t greet him. It’s tough to gather enough gist to greet a fellow man in a pink tee, brother. Little did I know that I would not only be interacting with the man in a pink tee, but also spending the next 24 hours in his company. Karma! Long story shorter, by the end of the 24 hours, we had driven at length, shared meals, laughter and an unforgettable experience in the hands of Egerton University students. I had made a friend.  A truly talented one for that matter. A soul brother.

Gachago is an all round musician, performer and an entertainer.

hkgAs time and natural laws would dictate, distance would grow between us due to the daily hassles of life’s demands. But his warm personality and joyful nature always remained in my memories. Not regularly does one chance on genuine soul. I’d hit him up at times and inquire about the progress of his music, a journey he had started at a young age and which he was still fervently pursuing at different levels. A few weeks ago, HK hit me up like, “Hey, I’ve finally found home at Johari Cleff and I have something new coming too”. I was elated and anxious at the same time as I didn’t know what to expect. Having known Gachago and the kind of music he’s into, I however never doubted that it would be one thing – authentic! Only few have this gift, of being and remaining authentic. 

Things changed from anticipating V- Day (because we’re broke too, Lol) to counting down to the release of Gachago’s maiden single with his new label. 

The simple title of the jam itself –  Am Alive, is life enough! How I feel so alive

hk1Let’s not dwell on the fact that this awesome jam was released on a date coinciding with 14th Feb, because it’s worth more than that. Ndi Muoyo is a celebration of life, the simplest thing we were created for, yet the one we forget the most in our quest to find it. The complexities of life, as dictated by the mind. The single is happy-feel reggae jam produced at Johari. What’s even amazing is the language! Kikuyu is such a sweet lively language, man. The instrumentals get you nodding as Gachago breathes life into it, sharing a piece of his soul with the universe, all the while stressing on the core message – you’ve got to keep on moving. Such a positive jam. The harmonies on this one are well-timed, soothing and endearing to the soul. The kind that comes with growth, musical maturity and thorough understanding of composition.  

The accompanying visuals by Jijo Drumbeats illustrates  exactly what the audio conveys. The simple, colourful video is filled with beautiful smiles (and kachumbari, food and more food) from different people, some of which are our favorite musicians, all through the four minutes and twelve seconds. Gachago is here, finally! Can’t wait to get more music from this talented brother. That live music revolution is sure catching rapid fires. 

“Love makes the world go around so share the love while you can..” – Gachago, the loving King

Few might wonder why Gachago calls himself “The Loving King.” So, for all those who endured through this, here is special gift to you and yours, this Valentine’s Day. Keep sharing the love. Remember to hug and kiss your moms & pops too, you’re never too old for that. 

Gachago:  Facebook | Twitter Instagram 


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