AAA Delivery: #Juice – Akwra [Tanzania]

akr3 am is a very quiet moment in my hood, it’s like everyone has been consumed by this devil called sleep, hahaa. But those are the times when I wake up and figure out what I wanna do. Maybe do some work that needs real attention, kick back, hit a jay and chill, watching the life go by like Devine. Rest of the times, I’m shuffling through sites, scavenging for that new sound that will shake thee equilibrium. 

And when it comes to East African music, things are changing by the second, for daily. 

The joy of writing about East African artists is the diversity of content you interact with on a daily, as long as you don’t wait for emails with press releases. By the way, serious East African artists, especially the new ones, rarely bother emailing you every time they drop a freestyle or cover, they just stick to the plan and keep working, churning out classics. So far, I’m very proud of Tanzania and what the new age are up to. Talk about Gavin, Simba, Uhhh, Tareto, Topher, TY Nation, the list is endless and the music coming out is world class like Lionel, nothing messy. Now add Akwra to this list…


I like finding new artists, I like hearing new voices. The light bulb moments in my life are when i hit play and the beat drops and I go like Whoa! 

That’s exactly what happened when my excavation landed me on Pablo’s TL and found the link to Akwra’s new music. #JUICE!! The music is on another level. The production on this will astound lots of you; the attitude and mastery, the ease of delivery, the instrumentation arrangement. Everything is all in, like Halima’s curves in that buibui, broh! The immediate reaction I get whenever I share these music with fellas around the world is always immediate, “is this African music too?”

The confidence that Tanzanian artists have is commendable. The kids have been grinding and seriously determined to shift the ball-post, if not change the entire perception on bongo Flava. Nothing flames like the New bongo flava, trust me. At times I wish some of these top artists would scout for young producers and see the direction their music would take. Imagine Patoranking on a Brakxxx production?akwr

Gimme that juiiiiiiiiiisi

Gavin got me hooked on this phrase lol, but Dar is dripping wet. Juisi tu everywhere man. This music is gonna explode and the world will be so caught unaware of the wave these  kids are riding for real. Maybe I’m wrong but what I’m getting is Akwra just switched stuff up and came up with this new killer sound that’s properly banging. Brakxxx is that badman on the production man.

Parental Advisory – juisi content ahead. 

Akwra:  Facebook | Twitter Instagram 


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