AAA Delivery: #NoOne – Maka & Phlow [Nigeria]

coverMy favorite dolls are at it again. In truth, I was just going to paste this press release as received, because  it’s wonderfully written, but hey, it’s Maka!

And Phlow!

When I find great music, I run out of words to express the actual feeling. I just stay in amazement at the ingenuity of artists, in awe of how they could do that. Amazed at their creativity. I can spend hours and hours of day just shuffling through music, bro. Actually, my wish is to be able to listen to every single song in this universe, and not just once, but on repeat. Every single free time I get, I’m always playing something, while wishing I’d repeat my favorites, dying to keep going and discover a new gem, but they are so many. Music is a worship. It’s the only thing that connects us at such a deep level of consciousness. The godly state. Most actually think I worship artists. Which is zero percentage lie, I do. I worship art, GOD dwells there, right in the middle of the soul that birthed it. Creation is the utmost divinity. 

You are gravity to me…

maWhich explains my enthusiasm when it comes to Maka and Phlow. The 2 Kings.

It’s no secret that Maka and Phlow, together with their ace producer Teck Zilla are arguably the most consistent and hardworking artists around. A reason why, though this song was released on St. Valentine’s Day, we had to let the hubbub subside before posting, so that you can give it the attention it deserves. Plus, love is not a one off phenomenon but a repeat mechanism, just like playing Maka and Phlow’s music. I honestly don’t know where Zilla get’s all that energy to channel on, and execute such a calm body of work. I mean, nothing sounds in anyway rushed.

So I’m praying to Jehovah, shout AMEN hallelujah  

Over the past few years, Nigerian artists Maka and Phlow have dropped some fire collaborations together, including several off the latter’s great 2016 project, Mind, Body & Phlow. And that trend continues on with the release of “No One,” a romantically minded new track that seamlessly blends the best parts of Hip-Hop, R&B, and Soul.
phThe two talented vocalists share their own unique thoughts on love and what it means to them in their lives. For Phlow, who opens the track, she reflects on the ups and downs of a turbulent relationship—and whether it’s worth it. Maka, on the other hand, comes across far more lovelorn with her sing-song verse, which boasts thoughtful lines like, “They say it’s addiction, don’t let it be my downfall.”

The smooth vibes of “No One” are supplied by another frequent collaborator and fellow Str8Buttah labelmate, producer Teck-Zilla. He layers looping and warming keys with finger snaps to set the mood, much like he’s done with Phlow and Maka in the past. And as for their future, Phlow is hard at work in the studio while Maka has a new single, “Sinner,” dropping soon.

Biko please, sample this. 

Maka : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Phlow : Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 


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