A Week In The A: Dizzy & TSD [Jamaica]

img-20160627-wa0004Somehow, I still hold on to this belief that Mary j is and will be the source of world peace, if only we could evolve enough to understand the wisdom wrapped in the leaves of the pure plant, and replace every cigarette stick with a roll of the conscious herb. This might even sound like a conspiracy theory but I also think the ban on it is intentionally done to promote crime and violence, because war is the biggest business and prisons are cash-cows – new day slavery. But we’re all blind to this.

However, first,

Give me some sunshine.

Let’s spread the love through the same bars that they use to break the back of brothers and sisters

When a clip starts and the first shot is of a j, you are in for a cool moment, you are in for life lessons. For motivations and inspirations. Because it’s a bag of all that, plus some more. And then the beat drops and it’s classical Hip Hop and when the lyrics start flowing, you can feel the knowledge oozing out, from the master unto thy soul. That’s when it hits you that you’re in the presence of greats. So then, what do you do? You behave like every good child should, and pay attention. dsc06070The Council’s TSD and Dizzy The Ill One just linked up with French Producer DJ Fatbabz for a truly FAT record. This heavy banger is a conception of the current French & JA connection initiated by the three talented artists. The way the artists ride Fatbabz beat, you’d forgiven to think both the instrumental and the vocals simultaneously come from some depth beneath their respective diaphragms. Dizzy picks up the beat at the thirty second mark with a powerfully structured verse, declaring forthright that he’s never been a quitter, no matter what. Such is the attitude we need to instill in our youths as well as all the human race. Never were we born quitters. 

“Flawlessly victory is mine, obviously…”

The Sickest Drama and Dizzy trade lyrics on the up-tempo production while sticking to the theme of illumination and shining on the competition. A harbinger of more heat to come, and a testament to the power of international Hip-hop.

The video? They went guerrilla style, enlisting the skills of Massy The Creator who made a music video production look like child’s play as he shows the movement of both artists from Gambling House Recording Studio to the neighboring streets in the heart of Kingston City. 

TSD has to be one of the hardest grinding JA artist and it’s becoming evident right about now. TS and his fellow The council member and producer, Inztinkz managed to link up with incarcerated World Boss, the celebrated dancehall star, Vybz Kartel on this massive collaboration. 

wbNever Back Down” is a meeting between two worlds, both influential on their own individuality – Hip Hop and Dancehall. They lay their  hardcore lyrics over an energetic and compelling yard flavored boom-bap backdrop produced by Inztinkz, Vybz Kartel and The Sickest Drama display innovative flows and witty metaphors for days on this record, I mean, what else did you expect? Projects like this are almost always a rarity and when it materializes, the results are worth every effort. This is a cross over single sure to energize the fan bases of both genres equally and serve as a landmark statement. 


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