AAA Delivery: #SikuHizi – Brian Simba [Tanzania]

braBrian is a bad man. The real young Don out here making waves. 

He picks the most of random convos in his life to makes the best music off of them. It’s fun watching, or in this case, listening to the story unfold and link with the next. Like we said before, Brian’s best songs are the random one verse tracks he puts out, in most cases just to remind guys why he is the leader of TZ nu school. Shortly put, a reason he’s Simba.

“me na masela made new waves.. for our own Rika..
Oldies hoping that we snap out of it
bobu unampigia mbuzi guitar…”

In his word, this new jam, Siku Hizi is purposefully meant to “kinda like to highlight what goes on these days” as he preps to drop his latest major single in a couple of days. 

“ooh.. mambo vp?we si Simba with waves up in Tz
Fast forward ten miñutes convo led to Brian i like how you tease me “

Siku hizi is an easy run through of how life has panned out for Brian since he started pushing the new wave in Tanzania. He shares different interaction experiences with the people he bumps on on a daily; the groupies and their infatuations, the pioneers and their denials, the fans’ inquiry and what his team are generally up to. 

Favorite bit?

“Siku hizi Shpapi wanataka picha” 

Brian Simba : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud  


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