AAA Delivery: #RoundNRound – Uhhh [Tanzania]

p1We were to bring you the best music you’ll hear out of Africa in a very looooooong time to come, but Pablo has refused to grant us access to Safari, so we can’t even tell you how Vamos A Ver is a wonderfully crafted piece of art that will not only steal your hearts and souls, but your whole being as well. And now that sounds a bit sexual, but then again, music and sex are both ways of creation, Holly would argue. As we pause and sip a konyagi on all that I have just spewed, let me tell you something else, I refuse to believe Pablo has not been to art school all his life. 

You will too…

Once you listen to the second single, Mpenzi, off Safari, his collaborative project with The Scaletta, as the PaScal collective. Such a beautiful piece of creation, even more so when you realize it’s actually a song dedicated to Dar es Salaam. How appreciative can one get to create such a song for their city? I wanna move to Dar too. And every time I’ll still go back to reference his Bar Es Salaam contribution single alongside AVID and Gavin – “the way I do my thang, I make it so hard for you to hate men, you gotta love it.” Ooh, that song also happens to have my all time best Gavin verse! The realest talk in a 16. 

mishNow, Uhhh teamed up with the sister Mishu and worked up something comely. Naturally, I love collaborations because as Jay Z said, it’s different individuals bringing the best from their worlds, to create one amazing piece of art. Add that to the fact that these are two of my favorite people and now this article maybe biased lol. But then again, they’ll make it so hard for you to hate, man, you’ll gotta love it. 

While Pablo straightaway made it so hard to hate, Mish on the other side decided to be doing nothing but to surprise me, every damn time. Now they are just taking us round and round. The notes Mishu is hitting and she curls the words are heavenly. Uhhh delivers a solid verse, showing his diversity as the uptempo Afropop beat drums along. 

Take this as an opener because i don’t want to say much about Uhhh, until we get to share that safari EP with wonderful brothers and sisters of our motherland. 

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