AAA Delivery: #Maraki – Ahsayn & Sharky [Zimbabwe]

Tell me the Universe doesn’t just align things out?

Just from talking to Grands about his new Ep and how he’s really talked about experiences and we were just somehow in wonder at how much we share as humans due to our beliefs, and now you have Sharky send us this phenomenon jam that coincidentally is about exactly what we were talking about! By the way, do you believe in coincidences? And how many coincidences have to coincide for you to think otherwise?

“I need you to listen, stand for what you believe in…” – Sharky

I believe there’s a most high Jah, who somehow wants all of us to be happy and successful, yet feels so sorry we’ve never discovered that it’s only love, through which all of humanity will be saved. He probably thinks Mary J is indeed the source of this world peace, but watches in dismay as we fervently obey the laws of mankind and prohibit it. This is the God that has inspired Sharky’s new jam and it’s in all level of greatness. They make music like Fela is back again man. 

Maraki is music in it’s wholeness. The sound you hear when when all the energies of the universe harmoniously commune in divine unity. A perfection. 

The instruments on this one wins hands down. I love African percussions and they are in no short supply on Maraki. How I wish I could dance this at some international music festival. Because that would be a performance to die for. Maraki performed Live! This is the kind of sound that makes you embrace African music so much. Our Continent is hugely blessed with a wealth of rich culture that are easily reflected on our beautiful music. Maraki is a package of culture in the form of music. A variety of different colourful sounds, seamlessly collaged. 

The last time these two artists got together they made absolute magic in the mould of Mandipe. This time , Ahsayn & Sharky are talking about luck, or the lack of it. “Maraki” talks about lucky charms and the power we give them or the power they give us, it all depends on you. What do YOU believe in? Is it luck? Fate? Destiny? Faith? “Gava rakadambura musungo” is a Shona saying that means (not in a literal sense) “All hell broke loose”.

Lest you forget, Sharky’s “Soko Matemai” won Best Album award at the ZIM HIP HOP Awards 2016. This is certainly one brother we must keep tabs on, Africa. 

Ahsayn Beatmaker and Afro8oi who is a Zimbabwean music producer based in the UK form the production duo,  Afro Zeedy.

Afr8oi happens to be Sharky’s older brother. This is the first single from Afro Zeedy and their production prowess combined with Sharky’s  gritty Shona bars, laced with some English is quite something.

Ooh there has to be more music from Afro Zeedy coming soon. 

Twitter: Ahsayn Beatmaker | Afro8oi | Sharky


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