AAA EP: #Balance – Kevin Grands [Kenya]

There is a place where one finds himself. 

The story of life is both strange and exciting in a manner that makes it strangely exciting for those who’ve figured out how things work. As for those still searching for themselves, life is excitingly strange. You start out believing you have it, and certain that your way is the right way, but somewhere along the road, you encounter all these different energies coming at you, swaying you in various directions. Like an amateur swimmer, waves hit you from all drifts, making you forget the initial objective as you turbulently rifle through to corral your equilibrium. And there begins the roller-coaster; countless setbacks, sporadic successes, endless pursuits, relentless determination, random thoughts of refocusing on something else, and counter reassurance that all will be well, somehow. Basically, uncertainties resulting from self-doubt abound. 

But I thought you had it figured out all along? Where did you go wrong? Why sing a different song? You ask, you. 

  “I can’t run from that sound. At least not for too long. Sometimes I just wanna rap.
Balance is pretty much me balancing out all the other types of music I do” – Kevin Grands 

So, like J Elec once said, you pause, take a step back, record all the setbacks. Reevaluating all the possible options to locate your balance. 

Kevin found his balance. 

When you’ve pried everywhere, purposely to identify what really the Universe has destined for you in this life, finally realizing that all you’ve been frantically searching for ubiquitously, is right within you and you had it all the while, one feels a renewed sense of purpose coupled with overflowing fervor. With it, comes a confidence that can easily pass for boisterous especially to them who’ve not witnessed the turbulent journey. Evolution, they say, is certainly in the journey. That’s where life dwells and here is Grands’ journey.

“lose my words before I lose my way…”

Cred: Eric Kangirii

A 3 track Ep, Kevin Grands has been kind enough to grant us this offering, hopefully to whet our appetite for a lengthier project. Which, should he choose not to, because he can, then it’s still well, as he doesn’t really owe us anything. In truth, we’re just favored to experience his kindness. The short Ep sees Grands coming full cycle, going on a back to basics type of sound with samples and boom pap hip hop touch,  the sound he emerged with. Ooh, and the storytelling too, that’s become Grands’ identity. On Balance, a way more confident Kevin delivers his bars with ease and clarity, both  on topics and intended impact, switching different flows throughout. This Kevin doesn’t even care about a missed line, he’s just making music and vibing with it. Typically, this is Kevin having fun at his best. 

“The season is changed, I’m feeling unchanged…”

Balance features guest appearances by former collaborators, Poppa Don and Superprodusir on In Your Section.


This is the ID37 Music producer cum artists’ solo offering, after the previously successful singles like Wish (with Superprodusir again), How I Run It, We Want Kevin and the chart-topping No Company. 

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