AAA Delivery : Plant A Seed – The Holstar [Zambia]

The Holstar is one of the best you’ll get to listen to out of the Motherland.

The Zambian MC who has maintained his relevance over the years, progressing in his purpose, has grown into what most new age artists only read about in the papers, a societal mirror. The true essence of artistry.  Right now, Duncan is a father-figure to the young African Hip hop artists and anyone willing to learn, can really gain a lot just by observing how he carries himself around. Part of my wishes is just get a hold of Dun, sit under his feet and absorb every single ounce of knowledge that can come out of him. A real king, this one. 

 “my social stance is my circumstance, I circumvent my hourglass …” – The Holstar

To say we’ve been ardent followers of Duncans’ music, is an absolute truth. To say we’ve always anticipated every release, which in most cases, usually come unannounced, is another gospel. The Holstar is an MC, rarely swayed by hype nor pressure to jump on each and every wave. He takes his time, and does his thing. Talk about discipline. 

A non Album single, Plant A Seed is Holstar’s latest offering, featuring Chisamo, who is just as rare as him. Not all Love stories have a happy ending and this particular short tale is about a Love that never reached its full potential. Chisamo’s delivery is so smooth and her vocal control is a breeze! 

“They say love is blind, love is kind, wish I could rewind to the day that I met you”

Plant A Seed is Produced by Holstar’s long time collaborator Kati and is also Mastered by Purple Haze who he previously worked with on the album H3 ~ Love Me Or Hate Me. The album Dreaming in High Definition is in its final stages of completion and a release date will be announced soon.

The Holstar : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud  | Instagram 


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