AAA Delivery: #UnKutTheCypher – All Star set #Back2Basics [Kenya]

“Back to Basics”, the UnKut the Cypher All Star Set is call to action to everyone who says that they are associated (with) or represent Hip Hop to drop the gimmicks and go back to the roots of “real” Hip Hop where it wasn’t about the choice of beats an artist used or flashy videos but more about lyricism.


Dope-I-Mean kicks off the set as he pledges allegiance to Hip Hop and the movement that is Shrap (Sheng and Trap) as well as addressing the crooked system where artists claim to do Hip Hop but masquerade it as something else. Dope-I-Mean, derived from dopamine, is not only a rapper but a singer and poet with the moniker “Wayne Tha Floet”. He is a member of Alliance Domini Family (AD Fam) and just three weeks ago released a five track EP dubbed “Mean.Time”.

Asum Garvey

Asum Garvey, a product of HotBox Music, is well known for his lyricism, wit and hella bars!

Born Malcolm Garvey, Asum derived his name from “awesome” and also the out of the box idea that he can do whichever genre he pleases, “a sum.” He embarked on his music career as a teenager, drawing inspiration for his craft from personal life experiences. Asum Garvey has 2 solo projects to his name, My Discovery, released in 2014 and ‘The Exercise EP’, released in 2016.

Listen to his latest single “No Drama” featuring Hotbox Music label mates, Thayu Mwas and Saleem.

Baller Makaveli

Hailing from the streets of Rongai, Baller 1254 and fellow rappers Dope Boy and Hoody OG came together to from Strictly Black Music (SBM). This is a solid unit of three rappers who dabble in rapping, song writing, singing and production. His catapult into the Hip Hop scene in Kenya was his feature on Uneek’s “That’s My Word”. Baller is currently working on a full project set for release at a date later to be announced.

DJ Mandy

DJ Mandy was first brought to Hip Hop fans’ attention with the remix to E-40’s Choices in October last year. She has since steadily built up a fan base with freestyles on her social media pages. Her latest freestyle is “MandyQuin”, on Lil Kim’s “Whoa” beat. A DJ as well, DJ Mandy raps about her dreams and ambition on Back2Basics. Originally not on the All Star set, DJ Mandy just happened to be in the studio when the recording was happening and since there was no female on it, the team decided that it would be a good idea to have her on it and she definitely matched up to her male counterparts.

And we have had to add one more video on here for the homegirl Mandy because she goes hard!

K Green

25 year old rapper K Green (AD Family) started rapping 7 years ago, starting off start with dancehall music and surprisingly for an entertainer, Kevin is an introvert. Green doesn’t take off his Ray Bans for anything! His manager says, it’s because he’s attached to them, like his lucky charm. You can check out his latest music video, “Boss Iko”, on You Tube, extracted from Pacho’s slogan, “Na tuko tu Pacho kwani boss iko nini?” Kenyan slang’ for  “We’re chilling at home without a bother.”

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