They say love is the greatest, then I missed the Memo. They also say that an average person experiences real love once in their lifetime. I believe I found someone that my heart truly loved. We met on a strange way and everything was perfect, my friends were so jealous of what we had going on. Out of nowhere, everything ended. they say shit happens.


Do you ever stop to think and realize,

Do you ever stop to imagine and visualize,

Do you ever chill and fantasize,

Do you ever step back and recognize,

That attention is different from affection?

Maybe you are too immature,

Maybe you are still not sure,

That’s why you crave it so much,

Sorry, we can’t do it dutch.


Vanity, it’s all vanity,

Wishful thinking, its all vanity,

Magical loving, its all vanity,

Being romantic, its all vanity,

Giving your whole, it’s all vanity,

Treasuring a woman, it’s all vanity,

Trusting a girl, it’s all vanity,

Dotting on a lady, it’s all vanity

Falling in love, it’s all vanity,

Nothing has meaning, its all vanity


I must be such a fool, for acting all so cool,

When it was very clear, I was drowning in a pool,

Of lies and deceptions, ooh how they seemed sweet,

Like a helpless patient, I trusted you to treat,

My healing heart, to try and love again,

But you just ensured me pain,

I took it all with stride,

You were my only pride,

The apple of my eye,

Why did you have to lie?

What happened to being kind?

All the while I was behind,

Trying to catch up with your speed,

But it’s evident, I was chasing wind


I’m sited over here, knowing you over there,

Everything looks blurred, nothing is clear,

I’m so determined to conquer these fear,

Pick up the  pieces from the shreds that are near,

Gather all my strength and rediscover myself,

I’m lost in a trance, I can’t decipher why else,

I’m I still thinking of all the trash?

I can’t seem to escape the rash,

I miss how we used to chat,

Whether on twitter or whatsapp,

Now my heart just sinks every time,

That your name appears on my timeline,

As I remember when I used to call you mine,

When every day was bright, and I longed for the night,

Of the silly flirts we had, and how your voice was fine,

And how I never wanted you out of sight,

But shit done changed, letters rearranged,

Coz me and you, are now estranged.


Memories are surely made of trifles,

Stuck on one like  soldiers’ rifles,

Though they may not be the prettiest,

I cherish even the slightest,

Moments that we shared,

Believe me they were rare,

Life is such an ugly bitch,

And filth is all that its rich,

Moving on is more than just a word,

But since I’m alone in this cold world,

I keep roaming, though never in search of love,

Hoping and praying to get what I deserve,

How could they snatch all I ever had?

Why is it me that should  feel this bad?

I know there are many men fighting for your potion,

Sad you didn’t see that you were my only option.


Now that we are all alone,

I mean now that I’m on my own,

Do you ever stop to think?

Do you ever pause a blink?

Do you ever get to feel?

That what we had might be real?

Or maybe we never had it,

We was faking all these magic?

Till I became an addict,

Of the  bullshit that you served me.

I have serious trust issues,

But it’s funny that I miss you.


I once had an angel, the world stole her from me,

I believed it was love, maybe it wasn’t meant to be,

I’m healing from the heart break, through this writings,

You can call it Draking, but my heart is bleeding,

My homies say I’m soft just coz I share my feelings,

But fuck y’all, whatchu know about loving?

The closest you ever been, is when we talk lusting,

I still listen to music, especially soft rock,

She introduced me to it, love is such a joke,

But even worst I I’m a fool, the biggest bloke,

How could I let my heart to love round the clock?

Lies and empty promises, of ‘together till the end’,

But a season aint passed,  yet we are not even friends.


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