Are you a lover of music and is willing to share musical tales from any African country? Or just a blogger seeking to share your countries music with a larger audience? We are looking for writers and contributors to join the All Around Africa team. If anyone is interested please send us an email storyforaaa@gmail.com

Need to get in touch with us about Exclusives? Inquiries? News? Reviews? Interviews? Press Releases?

Here’s how:

Facebook: All Around Africa

Twitter: @AfricaOnMove

WhatsApp: (+254) 724 514 428

Email:  storyforaaa@gmail.com

Submission guidelines and rules:

– understand and acknowledge the type of music we post. We are not fans of all that trap rap or money, cars hoes BS. It’s very uncommon when we post that type of music.
– if it has that authentic African vibe, please even allow us to come pick it ourselves. We live for that good African music!
– please include short bio of the submission you’re sending, plot of track, producer, if it is on a project etc.
– only use links; SoundCloud, Audiomack, YouTube, Datpiff, Bandcamp etc. Attach a photo or two if you want but mostly include the song artwork/promotional picture if we can’t get it from your page.
– make sure to include your social links. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the main links we want.

don’t send us material that is older than a few weeks, we don’t like to promote old material.- If Jay-Z, Drake, Kanye etc drop a new single and you use their instrumental like the thousands of other rappers out there… don’t bother sending it to us, we are not fans of beat jacking brand new singles, especially from all these whack commercial rappers.

please note: If you are sending a project of sorts (Mixtape, Album, EP) you must submit on the day of release or in the month of release. For this reason is because of our Top Of The Week/Month section in which we choose what we believe are the best projects of the week/month. It helps us organize and keep track of releases in the month when it comes down to decision.

Review – If you would like for your project to be considered for the Top Of The section or if you would like for us to review your album, we would appreciate if you could send us a copy of your project for our listening pleasures, thank you.

“Through My African Ears”


3 thoughts on “HOLLA!

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